Eventually the time comes when those with powers have a choice to make: do what they feel is right or let power corrupt. Sometimes these choices, though made for the right reason, are what make heroes
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 Jonathan Crane

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RP Name: Le JayJay?

Jonathan Crane Sylar-zachary-quinto1
Person used as character face: Zachery Quinto

Character Name: Doctor Jonathan Crane

Alias: Scarecrow

Power: The Scarecrow uses a substance called "Fear Gas" to cause his victims to hallucinate that their phobias have come to life. He wears his Scarecrow mask to enhance the effect of the hallucinogen, instilling fear in all who see him. Although not physically intimidating, Scarecrow is adept in physical combat, using a style called "violent dancing", based partly on the crane style of kung fu and on drunken boxing. He is also an expert in psychology, with a focus on fear, and is a former certified professor on the subject. Due to prolonged exposure to his own gas, Scarecrow went from being frightened of bats to only being frightened of Batman. Scarecrow is both addicted to fear and incapable of fearing anything except Batman

Second Generation Villain? If so, how did you end up as this new villain?: Are you the only person to use this name as a villain? If so, how did you take up the place of the last one who used the name.

Costume: His costume is one of a scarecrow.
Jonathan Crane Scarecrow-dc

How long have you been a villain?: He has lost track of how long thanks to his madness.

Character Bio: Psychology professor Jonathan Crane was obsessed with the study of fears and phobias and when dismissed from his teaching position due to some somewhat bizarre classroom demonstrations, he took to crime, using his knowledge of fear to create chemicals which could induce terror in others. Physically weak and thin, he wears a costume that makes him look like a Scarecrow. Although he is one of Batman's most intelligent, and therefore dangerous foes, he is always defeated and sent to Arkham Asylum due to his ever more evident insanity.
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Jonathan Crane
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