Eventually the time comes when those with powers have a choice to make: do what they feel is right or let power corrupt. Sometimes these choices, though made for the right reason, are what make heroes
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 Jesse's Family

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Reverend Jesse Custer


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PostSubject: Jesse's Family   Mon Sep 09, 2013 12:11 pm

Character Name: Marie L'Angell (Sigourney Weaver)
Alive or Deceased: Deceased
Short Description: A purely evil woman who is Jesse's grandmother. She tortured both her daughter Christina and her grandson Jesse. Jesse returned to the family home after being forced to and killed her.

Character Name: John Custer (Rufus Sewell)
Alive or Deceased: Deceased
Short Description: A good hearted man who served in the military as a Marine in the Vietnam War. He came home and married Christina L'Angell, they even had a son Jesse. John was shot by Jody, a man who worked for Miss Marie.

Character Name: Christina Custer (Carla Gugino)
Alive or Deceased: Alive
Short Description: Daughter of an evil family, who tried to make a better life for herself. She was a war protester who met John Custer and fell in love, despite what she calls his faults. They loved each other very much and loved their child Jesse just as much. She was shot and left for dead, though she survived and now is missing an arm and living a new life.

Character Name: Jody (Mickey Rourke)
Alive or Deceased: Deceased
Short Description:  Lapdog of Marie L'Angelle, a skilled fighter and an abusive caretaker of Jesse's from a young age. It was he who taught Jesse how to fight and was eventually killed by Jesse.

Character Name: TC (Eddie Marsan)
Alive or Deceased: Deceased
Short Description: The lapdog of the lapdog, a horny, homocidal redneck. He was responsible for the death of Jesse's only childhood friend and in turn was murdered by Jesse.
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Jesse's Family
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