Eventually the time comes when those with powers have a choice to make: do what they feel is right or let power corrupt. Sometimes these choices, though made for the right reason, are what make heroes
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 146 Hours (Rebecca's Story)

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148 Hours

That day had begun fairly normal. Rebecca had woke up on the S.H.I.E.L.D helicarrier, full of energy and ready to go play until Maria Hill or her father Phil Coulson came to teach her lessons. Everything changed with a loud noise and the rumble of the ship. Her father had met her in the hall leading to the gym with an urgent expression on his face, “We have to go Rebecca. Take my hand, promise not to let go.”
“Daddy what-“

“Promise Rebecca!” Phil urgently spoke, raising his voice slightly. Rebecca had neer seen Phil like this, ever. Since he had become a father figure to her when she was only four, Phil had always showed a cool and calm demeanor. Now he seemed nervous and scared.

“I promise,” Rebecca nodded, timidly. He kissed the top of her head, standing and taking a firm hold of her hand.

He had to get her out of here, to get her safe. The hall filled with bustling S.H.I.E.L.D agents heading to fight the battle. He heard what sounded to be Clint's voice and his stomach almost dropped when Rebecca yanked away from him.
"Mr. Barton!" she smiled, running towards' Clint's imposing figure. She didn't realize something wasn't quite right. She didn't see that her friends eyes were bluer than usual or that a smile didn't come to his face when he saw her. All she saw was her friend.

Phil was able to grab her before she got to far, "Rebecca Emery Coulson that is not Clint Barton, not the Clint Barton you know! We have to keep-" Clint turned to look at them and Phil grabbed Rebecca, ducking down behind some boxes so that they couldn't be seen. His hand covered her mouth to keep her quiet the best that he could.

Hearing footsteps that sounded as if they were running headed in the other direction, Phil peeked over the top of the crates. Clint and the men who had been with him were gone, a few dead bodies in their wake. "Why couldn't I see Mr. Barton? He's my friend!"

"That wasn't the Mr. Barton you knew. Promise me Rebecca, you'll keep your eyes on me." This was his worst nightmare. He didn't ever want her exposed to this. The helicarrier was supposed to be a safe haven and now it was a hell on Earth. He waited until he could no longer hear footsteps before pulling Rebecca to her feet. "Eyes on me Becca. Just on me."

Rebecca saluted her father, eyes on him. She was afraid for her and her father's life. Everyone seemed so busy and so worried. They were a few doors away from the bay doors of the hangar before someone, or something, crashed through the wall ahead of them. There was an otherworldly scream that caused Rebecca to turn towards the beast. It was bigger than any creature she had ever seen before and was green. The face; however, reminded her of someone. It reminded her of Dr. Banner. "Daddy what is that?" Rebecca asked, pulling her father to a halt at perhaps the worst time in the world.

Phil looked into the area that the creature and it's enemy had come from to notice The Hulk facing down Thor. The god of thunder had the big green monster subdued but the last thing he needed was for Rebecca to be in the line of fire. "That's The Hulk, I'll tell you about him later. C'mon Becca, we're almost there."

As the green beast cried out again, Rebecca ran into the hangar with her father. There were a collection of small vessels on the far end and Phil made it to one with her, stopping a nearby agent and conversing with him in a hushed tone as she climbed onto the ship. Phil stopped her before she sat down, "We safe daddy!"

"You're safe. Rebecca I…I can't come with you yet," Phil spoke as he crouched down in front of her.

"Why…why can't you come You're my daddy, you have to!" Rebecca protested as tears formed in her eyes.

"No Becca, I can't. I'm an agent, my job is to protect the people," Phil replied as he tried not to cry. He wanted nothing more than to stay with Rebecca but he just couldn't.

"But…but my dream…what if Mr. Loki gets you?" Rebecca cried as she looked at her father.

"He won't get me," Phil tried to comfort her.


"I promise," Phil smiled as he threw his arms around his daughter. They stayed like that for a few minutes, embraced in a warm hug, before Phil pulled away. "I promise you after this while mess with Mr. Loki is over, we'll go to the zoo and Dave' Candy. Just like old times."

He strapped Rebecca into a seat, pressing a kiss to her temple as Rebecca looked up with wet eyes, "I love you daddy. Remember our promise."

"I love you too Rebecca," Phil kissed her on the forehead before stepping off of the small plane. The S.H.I.E.L.D agent who he had talked to prepared for take off. Rebecca turned to stare out of the window, witnessing her father grab a large gun before he turned to look at the plane a final time. Rebecca smiled through her tears, realizing what her father was.
Agent Philip Coulson was a real American hero. Her American hero.

That was six days ago. Since then she had been living in a small room in the S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters in Washington with Maria Hill helping to care for her. She had watched the Avengers battle in Manhattan but the one thing running through her mind was the promise that her father had made to her. Where was he? It wasn’t like him to break her promises.

Though no seven year old girl’s mind should ever wander to death, that’s what Rebecca’s did. She had lost her mother, Viola, when she was just 5. The prospect of her father having died after they said their goodbyes was heart wrenching to her. Most days she ate and colored in her coloring books but her mind always managed to wind up on those sad thoughts.

Today was day six of those sad thoughts. Rebecca had woke up that morning without the usual pep in her step, it had been falling every day since she had been living in the headquarters. Breakfast was already waiting for her: a simple bowl of Lucky Charms that she loved so much. It seemed so childish though she was just a child herself. She felt like she should be eating Raisin Bran or another of those bland cereals that her father always ate when they would have breakfast. She made it through her bowl of cereal when the door opened. She looked up, expecting to see Maria Hill.

Instead Phil Coulson sat in a wheel chair being wheeled in by Director Fury. Her eyes lit up and she ran over to her father, noting the bandages that he wore with his arm in a sling. She hugged his leg and smiled up at him, “Daddy! Daddy I thought…I thought you went with mama…”

A momentary look of something painful flashed across Phil’s eyes but he soon smiled one of the cool, collected smiles he was known for. “Never. I made a promise and Phil Coulson always keeps his promises.”

Director Fury sat on one of the full sized chairs that were kept in the room and looked at the two plainly. He found the words he was looking for and spoke, “Do you still want to be an Agent, Coulson?”

“Sir, I told you when I woke up how I felt about that,” Phil replied as Rebecca sat at his feet, “But you know how I feel about talking business in front of Rebecca.”

“Well, this pertains to the both of you,” Director Fury replied, his tone calm.

“Pertains to me? But I’m just a little girl!” Rebecca gushed.

“Well…we’re always looking for those who have powers so that we can get them to work with S.H.I.E.L.D and not against us,” Director Fury started, phrasing what he had to say very carefully. “Agent Coulson, you’re mission will require you to move from city to city. You won’t stay in one place very long.”

“When would I start?” Phil asked, looking from Fury to Rebecca and back again to try and gauge his daughter’s reaction.
“As soon as you are healed,” Director Fury confirmed.

Rebecca had mixed emotions. While moving from place to place to place would mean that she got to see the world, it would also mean that she would have to leave her friends and family. With a deep breath, she smiled at her father, “It sounds like we’ll have a nice time daddy.”

“I’ll do it,” Phil smiled as he squeezed her hand.

After all, they were the Coulson duo and they could do anything, as long as they had each other.
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146 Hours (Rebecca's Story)
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