Eventually the time comes when those with powers have a choice to make: do what they feel is right or let power corrupt. Sometimes these choices, though made for the right reason, are what make heroes
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 I Am No Longer Me

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Margaret Sorrow

Margaret Sorrow

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I Am No Longer Me

She wasn't quite sure how it happened. One moment she, Lark, Raven, and Os had been attempting to rob Gotham First National Bank. The next thing she knew, the other three were gone and she was in handcuffs being carted off to Blackgate prison. The first six months were full of anger for Margaret Sorrow. There were much more dangerous criminals than The Birds Yeah, robbing was common but they would never hurt anyone. They just liked the money.

The next six months were full of sadness. She missed Lark's cooking and Raven's advice and Os' jokes. She missed feeling like a family and having someone who cared about her. She missed the way that for once she had felt like she belonged to a family. Chester was the father figure she never had, Os and Raven and Lark her siblings. Though she had a few people she conversed with inside those prison walls she still felt alone.

And then the feeling of doubt hit. Why had they ran off without her? She was one of them, a member of The Birds! They were her supposed family, her friends! And where was Papa Penguin to bail her out? Depression hurt, leaving Margaret to want to be normal.

That chance came from the head doctors of Blackgate: Bethanie Ravencroft and her partner Joe Braxton. Bethanie was a sweet woman who seemed to only had Margaret's best intentions at heart. They talked in their therapy sessions about how Margaret could not only improve inside of prison but how to improve once she was released. It was Joe Braxton that had the idea of sever electroshock therapy to get rid of the criminal activities and the persona of Magpie from her brain.

That's why Margaret was laying on the cot with the col metal piece around her head. Her arm had an IV in it and her finger was lightly clamped by a heart rate monitor. She could hear Bethanie and Joe speaking before Joe's voice sounded louder, "Are you ready Miss Sorrow?"

She took a deep breath as Bethanie placed the mask containing the sleeping gas that would send her to lala land over her face. She shot a thumbs up, a muffled yeah being her reply. The odorless gas seeped through her nostrils and with every number she counted down she felt closer to her new life.

She didn't know when but she felt something wrong happen. It was like a volt of electricity surged through her body. Memory after memory seemed to fly away from her brain. Names and faces were gone in the blink of an eye. She screamed as her eyes popped open, pleading for them to let her go. A woman, a blonde who Margaret had formerly known as Bethanie, rushed to her side and shut off the weird device that was wrapped around her head. She didn't know where she was or how she had gotten there. Realization struck her, forcing her to face the fact that she didn't even know her own name or who she was, "Who am I?" sobbed Margaret, clutching the other woman's arm as they helped her to stand, "Who am I?"

Bethanie helped her up, glaring at Joe before giving a pleading look to Joe, "No sweetie. C'mon and we'll fill you in on everything."

Fill her in was exactly what Bethanie did. She was no longer Margaret Sorrow, she became Cassie Warner who had no family.

The one thing she did have were blackout spells and massive headaches. There were moments that she couldn't explain, items that she had no memory of buying. In all honesty, the experiment to fix her mind was a failure in more ways than one. Margaret Sorrow was gone but Magpie had taken on a life of her own, more sinister than she was before. When Cassie had blackout spells, Magpie would break through.

She was not a major criminal all the time but she did have her moments.
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I Am No Longer Me
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