Eventually the time comes when those with powers have a choice to make: do what they feel is right or let power corrupt. Sometimes these choices, though made for the right reason, are what make heroes
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 I Wasn't Always The Man I Am Now (Nicholai/Victor)

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Nicholai Barishnakof

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I Wasn't Always The Man I Am Now (Nicholai/Victor) Empty
PostSubject: I Wasn't Always The Man I Am Now (Nicholai/Victor)   I Wasn't Always The Man I Am Now (Nicholai/Victor) EmptyTue Nov 19, 2013 10:29 am

I Wasn’t Always The Man I Am Now

He had dreams now and again that he couldn’t explain how real it felt. He had dreams of running through the woods in winter, of the wind blowing over his face, of hunting something or someone. He thought he could explain that, that he was remembering his childhood training in Russia. Then came the reflection in the water. In his dream he had been running through the woods to track something, or someone, down when he had happened upon a small lake. He bent to drink and the reflection was like a long forgotten memory. His teeth were elongated, almost feral looking. His eyes were a deep amber, his hair was long and shaggy. It was all vaguely familiar and yet so different that he had bolted out of bed in a cold sweat.

What Nicholai Barishnakof didn’t know was that he had been having flashes of the past that had been blocked from his knowledge. What he didn’t know was that his past as Nicholai Barishnakof, the people he remembered as family, and his job as a KGB agent were all a work created to get him under the thumbs of the American government.

His real name was Victor Creed and he remembered nothing except for in his dreams.

Victor had been a free man once. He had worked with the government in hunting down his half brother Logan and the other mutants that had been in his brigade during his time with the Army so that the American government could create their ultimate weapon, Weapon XI. In return for his hard work, he received imprisonment and turned into an experiment of their own. A young doctor named Bethanie Ravencroft had perfected a device that could eliminate ones memories in order to make less criminal activity. The organization Checkmate had bought it from her to use on some of their prisoners. They first erased Victor’s memories, up to and including who he was. Leaving him confused for a few days, they used the power of espionage and persuasion to make him believe he was a KGB agent on the run. His hair was cut from its once long state, he was given permanently lasting contacts created so that they would never dry, his nails filed down so they were no longer claws. In all ways, he was not Nicholai Barishnakof, ex-KGB agent who ran from Russia to be an agent for Checkmate.
That didn’t mean he didn’t have to be monitored.

Dia Waller noticed that he was falling into his old ways first. The first sign was while on the mission to get Wally West, the current Flash, to join Checkmate. Nicholai had been placed far enough outside the perimeter that he was the last chance to get Wally to stop and listen. Instead of using the given tranquilizer, he used belladonna. Belladonna, a poisonous root, only paralyzed Wally but the fact was that Nicholai didn’t know about belladonna.

Victor did.

Dia observed him for the next few days, noticing the flecks of amber in his eyes or the way that his nails grew longer. Soon it would be nothing for him to be the man he once was.

Until that day, however, Nicholai Barishnakof would be a loyal Checkmate agent.
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I Wasn't Always The Man I Am Now (Nicholai/Victor)
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