Eventually the time comes when those with powers have a choice to make: do what they feel is right or let power corrupt. Sometimes these choices, though made for the right reason, are what make heroes
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 Nero Abbott

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PostSubject: Nero Abbott   Sun Dec 15, 2013 7:48 am

RP Name: Sami

Person used as character face: Aneurin Barnard

Character Name: Nero Abbott

Alias: None, he still goes by Nero.

Power: Psionic blasts (Ability to overload another's mind causing pain, memory loss, lack of consciousness or death after creating a link into that individual's mind)

Second Generation Anti-Hero or Vigilante? If so, how did you end up picking up the mantle?: Nero is a first gen anti-hero.

Costume: He currently has no costume, he simply wears street clothes.

How long have they been an anti-hero or vigilante?: Only as long as he’s been in the past, so not very long at all.

Character Bio: Like his friend Dante, Nero spent a lot of time trying to avoid Sentinels, being from the same time as Dante is. Nero’s parents were both humans who were taught to believe that hunting the mutants and putting them in camps was okay. Their son however, thought the way those with powers were being treated was wrong. He was home schooled to avoid running into any of the dangers such as the mutants or the Sentinels that hunted them, but they couldn’t keep him inside forever.
When he was nineteen, Nero had snuck out and was wandering the streets when he came across Dante while he was training. Despite him being a mutant and Nero thinking he was a normal human, the two eventually became good friends.

A few years later, when he learned Dante was gone, Nero got upset and ended up in an argument with his parents when they found out his friend was a mutant. It was then that his powers first activated, despite Nero already being past his teen years (the usual time they’d activate). His psionic powers ended up hurting his parents and knocking them unconscious.

Thinking he’d killed them, Nero ran away, only to find himself in the mutant camp within the week.

Eventually, Nero met another mutant who was able to send him back in time to search for his friend. The past is very different to the New York he knew though and Nero quickly found himself lost. Currently, he is hanging out with a gang of not-so-friendly mutants, who are training Nero to use his powers; only not for good like the X-Men are known for, though Nero himself is generally kind and friendly. He'd rather be helping people if he had a choice, but he'd be lost in the past if he left the group he's part of.
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Nero Abbott
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