Eventually the time comes when those with powers have a choice to make: do what they feel is right or let power corrupt. Sometimes these choices, though made for the right reason, are what make heroes
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 Celeste Gordan

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RP Name:

Celeste Gordan 000kat10

Person used as character face: Kathryn Prescott

Character Name: Celeste Gordon

Alias: Patronus

Power: Empathy, emotion manipulation

Sidekick To?: No one yet.

Second Generation Sidekick? If so, how did you pick up for the last sidekick?:
First gen.

Costume: Her costume somewhat resembles a Hogwarts outfit, though stylised.

How long have you been a sidekick?: She isn’t officially a sidekick yet she’s looking for someone to work with.

Character Bio: Celeste Gordon grew up as one of those kids everyone made fun of because she was a ‘nerd’. She spent years telling them the correct term was ‘geek’. Her grades weren’t perfect and she did have social skills, she just didn’t want to be friends with all the girls obsessed with make-up and boys. She wanted friends who had more interests than just dating. Celeste preferred books and video games; especially those involving Harry Potter. She grew up reading the books and eagerly waiting in line for the newest ones, along with the movies. She dressed up at all the book and movie releases she went to and decorated her room with any merchandise she could get her hands on.
That all fell apart when her powers first appeared, while she waiting in line at a book signing.
With so many people in the store for the book signing, when Celeste’s empathy kicked in, she was almost instantly overwhelmed with all the strong emotions and was hit with a massive headache; she doesn’t remember much of what happened after that, besides her screaming before passing out.

Although she’s slowly learning to work with her powers, Celeste still has issues with large groups of people, or just a few with strong emotions and is prone to headaches. Besides those few issues, she loves the idea of having powers and hopes she will have exciting adventures like the heroes in her favourite books.
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Celeste Gordan
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