Eventually the time comes when those with powers have a choice to make: do what they feel is right or let power corrupt. Sometimes these choices, though made for the right reason, are what make heroes
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 A Past Unfolded

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Bishop couldn't help but smile as he watched his adopted son Dante train, he was getting better all the time. He still looked a lot like he did when he found him four years ago and just as much of a smart mouth, Bishop laughed softly. As soon as Dante got over his shyness he had found out the boy could rapidfire qips off as fast as he could think of them. Fortunately he had learned when it was best to keep his qips to himself.

He looked at the papers his sister Shard had gave him, they held info long forgotten by the young mutant. He didn't know how Dante would take the news that he could finally know the names his his parents, but Shard thought he deserved to know about them. Clearing his thought he called out, "Dante take five, I need to talk to you about something..." Bishop watched as he grabbed his water bottle and hurryed over. "What is it?" The seventeen year old asked his adoptive father before taking a deep drink of water. "Well son... We found some info that you should know about..."

Dante tilted his head curiously at that, "What type of info..?" Bishop sighed softly before he continued. "We found out the names of your parents..." Dante's eyes widened at that, "M-My real parents? You know who they are?" Bishop nodded, "Shard has been looking into it for a while and today she finally found the true... There is sometghing you should know though..." "What is it?" Dante asked softly, Bishop sighed, "Your parents are dead..." He watched as his son's face fell, though he knew that it was very likely they were dead he had still had they little hope they would still be alive. "I'm sorry son..." Bishop said as he put his hand on his shoulder. Dante nodded sadly before asking, "Who were they dad?"

Bishop gently handed him to papers, "Warren Worthington III and Betsy Braddock, they were members of the X-Men known as Archangel and Psylock." Dante's eyes widened at the news, his parents had been members of the legendary X-Men? "My parents... Were X-Men?" He asked softly, "What happened to them?" Bishop sighed softly, "Your father died one year after you were born, he had been trying to help some mutants out of the camps... Your mother died two years later from an illness..." "And thats when I went in that home for a while before ending up on the street..." Dante said softly, Bishop nodded. "We found out your full birth name as well, Dante Warren Braddock. You can change your last name to your real one son." Dante shook his head, "N-No... I don't think I could ever live up to either of their names dad... Maybe someday, but for now I can't."

Bishop hugged him, knowing his son needed it. Dante hugged back, it was strange to finally know all the things he thought he would never find. He knew it would take a while to fully sink in, but he felt content finally filling in the gaps. Bishop gently touched his shoulder, "Let's call it a day on your training and go get some dinner with your aunt." Dante gave a small smile and nodded, "Okay dad." Bishop smiled, leading his son off the training field.
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A Past Unfolded
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