Eventually the time comes when those with powers have a choice to make: do what they feel is right or let power corrupt. Sometimes these choices, though made for the right reason, are what make heroes
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 Child of Light, Child of Darkness

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Kip Dallas

Kip Dallas

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Being a twin was not easy for Edward "Kip" Dallas, so nicknamed for his ability to always get back up in a fight. His younger brother Vance and he were much different in many ways. While Vance was the social butterfly who participated in all sorts of activities from football to theater, Kip was closed off from most everyone and didn't get involved in school activities. Yes, school and life was hard for the twins.

And it was about to get a bit harder.

The school had been anticipating the field trip to the Chippewa Indian caves in upstate New York. The bus was full of excitement, Vance talking about the night's football game with another one of his teammates. Kip sat in the back of the bus, contemplating how he was going to survive the day. They arrived at the caves and while waiting for the group to take off, a few of the boys were making shadow puppets for fun. Kip, smiling and knowing he had a few puppets he could show, joined in. This time; however, was different. It seemed as if he was controlling the shadows themselves. He created a rabbit with his hands, the shadow on the wall looking more realisitic. "Hey man, that's awesome." one of the members of the football team grinned.

"Thanks," Kip replied even though he was in awe of what happened to him. The darkness twisted around him and as the group moved to start the tour, Kip felt the power of the darkness. It was a power he had never felt before, one that would finally give him something that Vance didn't have. Yet there was a darker feeling the deeper into the caves they were, the more powerful Kip felt. Suddenly, the flashlights each student held cut out. Kip knew this was his fault and he felt terrible.

"The key is not to panic," the tour guide spoke though there was a tremble in her voice.

Kip heard his brother speak up, standing next to him though Kip could not see in the dark. "Bro...I know you did this..." Vance sounded worried, "you're...you gotta fix it..."

"Vance, I don't...I didn't mean..." spoke Kip softly. He knew, they both knew, that their mother and father were metahumans. It had never occurred to either boy that they may have untapped powers. "I don't know how to control it!"

Vance bit his lip, "We...we have to help!" There was a pause in which it began to get lighter, "Kip, you're doing it!"

"Vance...I'm not doing anything," Kip murmured, "...look at your hands..."

Vance glanced down at his hands. There was a beautiful glow like sunlight on a summers day emminating from Vance's skin. "Right...so do I get freaked now or..."

"After you lead us outta here," Kip comforted as he patted his brother's shoulder. It made sense to go to him. Vance was light and sociable, a bit of sunshine on an otherwise dark world. Kip, he knew he was a dark patch. Who knew, maybe someday the boys would be able to control their powers so that they could help others. Right now though, Kip just wanted to get home.
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Child of Light, Child of Darkness
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