Eventually the time comes when those with powers have a choice to make: do what they feel is right or let power corrupt. Sometimes these choices, though made for the right reason, are what make heroes
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 Margaret Sorrow

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Margaret Sorrow

Margaret Sorrow

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RP Name: K-Lee

Margaret Sorrow 04_Distillers_078
Person used as character face: Brody Dalle

Character Name:
Born Margaret Sorrow but since she does not remember that side of herself, she has started being called Cassie Warner.


Peak Human Agility
Peak Human Speed
Peak Human Accuracy
Peak Human Flexibility
Superhuman Durability
Immunity to Pain
Retractable claws

Second Generation Villain? If so, how did you end up as this new villain?:
Cassie/Margaret is the first person to have the persona of Magpie.

Margaret Sorrow 3124054-1371809750334-610x343

Magpie wears a black leather corset and small bottoms that go with them. Around her neck she wears a black feather collar. Her arms have black leather gloves and she wears black high heel stiletto's.

How long have you been a villain?:
Margaret had been a kleptomaniac since her teenager but the Magpie persona didn't start until she lost her memory after an experiment gone wrong.

Character Bio: Magpie's true name is Margaret Sorrow. She was a chronic kleptomaniac and inmate at Black Gate Prison. While serving her time in the prison, she took part in experiments in mind manipulation conducted by Joe Braxton and Bethanie Ravencroft. They used a helmet-like device on her to wipe away her original memories and personality and re-worked them into a new personality. She was given a new face and a new name; Cassie Warner. However, certain aspects of Sorrow's original personality resurfaced in the form of Magpie. Magpie lost most of her memories and vowed to make Braxton and Ravencroft pay for what they did to her and get her stolen life back. The Cassie personality and the Magpie personality are completely unaware of each other.
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Margaret Sorrow
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