Eventually the time comes when those with powers have a choice to make: do what they feel is right or let power corrupt. Sometimes these choices, though made for the right reason, are what make heroes
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 My Words Are My Power

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Nolee McCallister

Nolee McCallister

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Silence was something one learned early in the McCallister household and for good reason. Retired Army General Wade McCallister was an abusive man, both to his wife Cissie and his three children Jake, Evan, and Nolee. Late at night Nolee, though she was young, often wondered why her mother took the abuse. Cissie had told Nolee of her adventures as Arrowette, a costumed heroine. Though Nolee never asked, that thought lingered in her mind. While she and Cissie had to stay in the General's abusive clutches, Jake left for Metropolis and Evan was attending college in New York. That meant until Nolee was twelve that Cissie took the brunt of the physical abuse and Nolee took the verbal.

No bad lasts forever and some bad can get worse.

It all happened the night Nolee turned twelve because dinner wasn't on the table the exact moment that General McCallister arrived home. Nolee ran to her room, avoiding her father. As she sat in her room, Nolee decided nothing was going to change unless she did something. When she heard voices in the hall by the stairs, Nolee left her room to see what was going on. Her father was standing on the top step, yelling at her mother who stood on the step below. What Nolee saw was the General grab her mother's arm roughly. What she didn't know was that for once, the General had only done what he did to help Cissie from falling. Nolee screamed in a voice much deeper and much more womanly than her usual, "Let her go!"

Time seemed to slow down around them. The General let go of Cissie's arm, the woman tumbling down the stairs. There was a sickening crack and Cissie laid there motionless. The General was stunned but turned his venemous tongue towards his daughter, "You little freak! What did you do!?"

Nolee was stunned, not quite sure what she had done. As he stepped towards her, Nolee dodged his grip and left the house. She ran and ran until she was lost in the city. She could hear sirens so she ducked behind a garbage dumpster, shivering and scared. She has just killed her mother, the last person who cared about her. Seeing a glass shard near her, she picked it up to inspect it. Suicide was not a word that a twelve year old should know but she did, thanks to the crime shows her father watched. Without a mother, she was left with nothing. The glass sliced through her wrist, the blood flowing freely as she heard a woman's voice, "Are you alright?" When the woman saw the blood she explained, "Jeez kid!"

A blonde woman crouched in front of her and by the outfit she wore, Nolee recognized her as The Black Canary, a super hero. "I did bad lady! I accidentally killed my mommy!"

"So you're the "monster" all of the cities looking for. You don't look so bad," smiled Canary, trying to make the best of a dark situation. She grabbed the girls arm and started to clean it up, finally sewing it up. "You're not bad at all. You're sweet."

"I did a bad thing," Nolee sobbed as she hugged the woman around the neck. She sobbed and sobbed, "I don't got no mommy no more! I killed her! It was an accident!"

While Canary, real name Dinah Drake Lance, was shocked about such a thing, she scooped the little girl up in her arms. "Well if you don't have nowhere to go, I guess I'll have to take you in."

"You mean it?" Nolee sniffled, sleepy from the days events.

"Yes, I mean it," Dinah smiled, "sleep now." Dinah held the girl close to her, refusing to turn her over to the police. This young girl needed guidance and maybe under her tutilage she could learn to control her powers.
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My Words Are My Power
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