Eventually the time comes when those with powers have a choice to make: do what they feel is right or let power corrupt. Sometimes these choices, though made for the right reason, are what make heroes
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 Jacen Worthington

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Jacen Worthington Jacen10

“My family is my strength and my weakness.”

Name: Jacen Worthington

Pronunciation: Jay-ken Were-thing-ton (rhymes with fun)

Meaning: Jacen: The English cognate of the Latin and Greek Iāson (healer), a name derived from iasthai (to heal). Worthington is a variant of Worth (Old English), and the meaning of Worthington is "fenced farm".

Alias: Vulca

Power: Pyrokinesis, heat resistance (also minor healing ability, but is somewhat an extension of his heat resistance).
Pyrokinesis allows Jacen to create and manipulate fire, ranging from just a small flame from his fingers to creating enough fire to burn down a house, though more fire requires more energy, so he can get tired fairly quickly.
His heat resistance is currently not an automatic ability, Jacen must be focused for it to work, if he is distracted or letting his emotions affect his powers, he could risk burning himself. He also has a slightly accelerated healing factor compared to most people; however it only works with any burns he gets. It isn’t perfect though and the more severe burns can leave scars.

Theme Song: Iron, by Within Temptation

Age: 23

Height: 6ft 1”

Weight: around 153lbs

Body Type: Jacen has a thing body, partly from travelling a lot before meeting the Worthingtons and also from the stress his power causes his body to go through. He has a little more muscle than normal, though not superhuman like Warren does.

Blood Type: O+

Eyes: Jacen’s eyes are a dark brown, almost black. They often show that he is hiding something, an almost guilty look and often have shadows under them from the exhaustion over use of his powers causes.  

Hair: His hair is short, enough to get messy, but not hang in his face. It had originally reached his chin, but he cut it to go along with his name change to avoid being recognised.

Race: Human.

Nationality: He is British, though his mother’s family was French.

Birthday: August 3rd.

Other Physical Traits: Jacen has a number of scars from burns that never quite healed, most noticeably one that starts on his right hand and winds up his arm, almost to his shoulder. Due to his power mostly generating through his hands, he no longer has much in the way of fingerprints thanks to the constant burning and scarring.

Preferred Outfits

Casual Clothes: He often wears jeans a t-shirt and a jacket, mostly to hide his burns and scars. If he wears short sleeves, he makes sure to wear gloves that reach his elbow to at least cover most of the damage.

Costume: Vulca’s costume reflects his powers and the effect they can have on things. His shirt, pants and boots are a black/brown colour, while he wears an orange belt and suspenders (which he leaves hanging). His gloves are a recent addition in an attempt to prevent at least some of the burning of his arms. His outfit is made from a material that will not catch fire (similar to what fire fighters wear), thanks to the same funding Warren secretly uses to help fund the X-Men outfits.

Underwear: Boxers, made from silk as they’re less flammable than cotton

Family Background:
Mother- Anastasia Westmore
Father- Jakob Westmore (deceased)
Brother- Artemis Westmore (also a mutant)

Adopted Father- Warren Worthington Jr
Adopted Brother- Warren Worthington III (Archangel)

Adopted Nephew: Dante Bishop (from the future)

General History: Jacen (then known as Forrest) was born and raised in England with his twin brother in a fairly wealthy household. Their father died when they were around 12 years old, which is when Jacen’s powers developed. At the funeral, he accidentally set a nearby tree on fire and soon the rumours of him being ‘possessed’ or ‘evil’ started spreading. Others thought he’d purposely done it using a lighter as a way of dealing with the loss and they started thinking he was some sort of pyromaniac, blaming any sudden fires around town on Jacen.

To stop his family from having to deal with it all, he decided to run away when he was 16 and spent the next few years moving around, living and working in one place until he accidentally used his powers again. Eventually he saved up enough money to go to America and moved there (at 18), hoping the more distance between him and his family, the less likely he’d be found. Once he was there, he changed his name from Forrest to Jacen as a way of hiding himself and because he thought having such a name with powers like his was generally not a good thing.

At 21, Jacen met Warren after he’d just been helping the other X-Men and the two quickly became friends, bonding over the difficulties surrounding their powers. Jacen continued living alone for a while before Warren convinced his father to let Jacen stay after Warren learned Jacen was alone. Jacen quickly grew on the head of Worthington industries and adopted him officially about a month ago.

Talents: Jacen can play acoustic guitar and can sing, though he dislikes doing so in public.

IQ: Jacen is naturally smart, his parents having home schooled him and his brother under a strict tutor.  

EQ: Jacen cares for others more than he’ll let on most of the time, keeping mostly to himself unless he’s sure he won’t be judged by a person if they discover his powers. He is most comfortable around others with powers. He is very protective of friends and family, his brother having been his closest friend before he left, thanks to them being home schooled.

General Personality

Positive Traits: Protective, caring, friendly

Negative Traits: His apparent shyness, guilty (often feels things are his fault), awkward (due to lack of interactions with non-family members)

Maturity: He is fairly mature, but lack of social experience causes him to act childish when he’s upset or doesn’t get his way (he’ll resort to pouting and sulking).

Relationship Status: Jacen is single and bisexual, not really being too fussy

Occupation: He’s had a number of jobs but currently just helps Warren do his job at Mr Worthington’s company.

Philosophy/Values: He does not believe in god, mostly because of how the religious people in his hometown treated him. He hates how people with powers are treated like they are less than human in some places and though he never really means it, he will hurt people if pushed far enough.

Quirks/Mannerisms: Occasionally Jacen will appear to be talking to himself, but he never really is. After he left his brother discovered he had telepathic powers and keeps in contact with Jacen through his mind. Jacen normally responds through thought, but occasionally responds out loud without really realising.

Rational/Emotional: Jacen’s emotions effect his powers, so he tries to think things through rationally before getting upset.

Shy/Bold: He acts shy at first out of fear of being judged, but he is actually quite sociable and bold.

Values Violated: If he gets pushed far enough, he will hurt people with his powers. So far he hasn’t killed anyone, but he always worries it’ll happen.

When Angry: Often he’ll just hit someone, hoping it’ll end there and he won’t risk using his powers.

Misc Views: (will add some when he’s developed more)

Minor Notes: If he’s an ass to another character at first, don’t assume he hates them. He’ll be more relaxed once he knows them better.

-He is a fast reader/learner, he picks up new skills quickly. (His intelligence.)
-He will do as much as he possibly can to protect people he cares about.
-Due to the dangerous nature of his power, not much scares him.

-His powers being tied to his emotions.
-His lack of social experience.
-His protectiveness can lead him to hurt others.
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Jacen Worthington
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