Eventually the time comes when those with powers have a choice to make: do what they feel is right or let power corrupt. Sometimes these choices, though made for the right reason, are what make heroes
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A list of all characters by faction:

Alex James-Justice-weapon manipulation-Alex Shelley
Anna Marie-Rogue-power absorption-Anna Paquin
Bobby Drake-Iceman-ice manipulation-Brett DiBiase
Carter Kent-Superboy-Kryptonian based powers-Jason Aldean
Dante Bishop-Rook-energy manipulation-Drew Fuller
Jean Gray-Jean Gray-telepathic/telekinetic-Famke Jannsen
Jordan Lennox-Thunderbolt-weather manipulation- Adam Copeland
Kip Dallas-Nocturn- shadow manipulation- Lee Brice
Kyle Rayner- Green Lantern- ring based energy manipulation- Tyler Hoechlin
Nolee McCallister- Siren- voice based hypnosis- Taylor Swift
Steve Rogers- Captain America- Super serum given durability and strength- Chris Evans
Vance Dallas- Sunburst- light manipulation- Luke Bryan
Wally West- The Flash- superspeed- Eric Szmanda
Zander Lennox- Flytrap-plant manipulation- Jay Reso

Anti-Heroes and Vigilantes:
Dylan Kaine-Cassiel-Force field generation & energy absorption/discharge-Landon Liboiron
Jason Blood-Etrigan-demonic powers-Wade Barrett
Jesse Custer- Jesse Custer- voice based hypnosis- Guy Pearce
Johnny Constantine- Constantine- magic- Hayden Christensen
Remy LeBeau- Gambit- Manipulation and control of potential and kinetic energy, hypnotic charm- Taylor Kitsch

Henry Pym Jr.-Wasp- Flight, Energy projection, Size change and Enhance strength- Sean Biggerstaff
Jacen Worthington- Vulca- Pyrokenisis, heat resistance- Ben Barnes

Grant Ward- Phobos- Can cast astral projections of people's worst fears- Skyler Astin
Johnathan Crane- Scarecrow- uses a substance called "Fear Gas" to cause his victims to hallucinate their fears- Zachary Quinto
Loki Laufeyson- Loki- magic- Tom Hiddleston
Marco Ellis- Erebus- Creation and manipulation of darkness- Oded Fehr
Margaret Sorrow- Magpie- immune to pain and retractable claws as well as peak human stats- Brody Dalle
Molpadia- Circe- magic- Eliza Dushku

Becca James- student- empath- Anna Kendrick
Cecil Markwell- radio reporter- Killian Donnelly
Daniel Preston- Red King of Checkmate- John Travolta
Dia Waller- White Queen of Checkmate- Gabrielle Union
Harris Freeman- Commishoner of the Gotham City Police Department- Trace Adkins
J. Jonah Jameson- Chief editor and owner of the Daily Bugle newspaper- Hugh Laurie
Jace Phillips- Aspiring Writer, Playwright, & Librettist, Co-writer of Heroes Stories- George Blagden
Keegan Thayer- owner of The Golden Rose bar- control of death- Colin O'Donoghue
Kristian Riley-gang member- able to manipulate the air around her to make herself invisible and create energy blasts- Charlotte Free
Leo Fitz- engineer with S.H.I.E.L.D- Iain De Caesteker
Lucky Matthews- computer genius with Checkmate- Technopathy- Bradford Anderson
Mikey Chase- photographer with the Daily Bugle-Elijah Wood
Neil Gallagher- reporter with The Daily Planet- Simon Pegg
Nicholai Barishnakof- Red Bishop for Checkmate, former Russian intelligence- was once the man known as Victor Creed- Liev Schrieber
Phil Coulson- Director of S.H.I.E.L.D- Clark Gregg
Rebecca Coulson- Agent with S.H.I.E.L.D- Adrienne Palicki
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Character List
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