Eventually the time comes when those with powers have a choice to make: do what they feel is right or let power corrupt. Sometimes these choices, though made for the right reason, are what make heroes
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Jason Blood

Jason Blood

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Jason Blood Tumblr_mpoifoGMD71qhfbino2_500
"He who has rejected his demons badgers us to death with his angels."- Heri Michaux

Jason Blood

Jace-on Bl-ood

Jason means healer
Blood means blood

The Demon Etrigan

While Jason Blood does turn into the demon, he does have powers that are not linked to Etrigan. As Jason Blood he posses presight, telepathy, and is adept at magic. As Etrigan, he has super human strength, super human durability, super powerful legs which allow for a long and high leap, claws, fangs, hellfire projection, and immortality.

Theme Song:
Demons- Avenged Sevenfold

Jason has been around since the days of King Arthur's court but looks no older than 30. The demon Etrigan is eons old.

As Jason Blood, he is 6'7" which is an impressive size for his day and age. When turning into Etrigan he is only 6'4".

As Jason Blood, he only weighs 246 lbs, though it is solid muscle. As Etrigan he is considerably heavier at 352 lbs.

Body Type:
Jason Blood is a hulking behemoth of a man though his psyiology is normal. As Etrigan, he looks demonic, his skin becoming thick and yellow with horns growing from his head.

Blood Type:
Jason does no know what his blood type is because he did not have that sort of thing in his day. The blood that runs through the veins of Etrigan is demonic and burns like acid when it comes into contact with others.

Jason's blueish gray eyes show the stress that he has gone through in his days on Earth. Etrigan's eyes are fiery red and look as though one is staring straight into the fires of hell.

Jason has black hair that is always kept short because as a warrior in Arthur's court, he was use to keep it short. He has a full black beard that he keeps nice and groomed as well. Etrigan on the other hand has no hair.

Though Jason Blood is a Caucasian human, the fact that he has a demon in him makes him half-demon.

Jason was born during the time of King Arthur's reign in England. Etrigan was born and raised in Hell.

Though he no longer celebrates it, Jason was born on August 10th.

Other Physical Traits:
Jason has a nasty scar across the bend of his right shoulder in the back that he earned during a battle. He also has two tattoos on each shoulder: the right shoulder bearing a rose with the words "Culture, Alienation, Boredom, and Dispair" while the left bears a tribal design.

Preferred Outfits

Casual Clothes:
Though the clothes of his time are much different to modern clothes, he prefers the clothes of modern times. Jason wears suits mostly, preferring to look professional and cultured. Though he prefers dark colors, he has been known to wear the occasional colorful suit coat. On very rare occasions he wears nice jeans and polos.

When Jason becomes Etrigan, his appearance changes and that includes whatever he is wearing. Etrigan is always seen in a red spandex suit with silver embellishments around the arms and a black belt. The outfit also has red boots and a tattered blue cape.


Family Background:
Jason was born to Lord Victor Blood and Lady Melody Blood of Norwhich. He was the oldest of five children, but the only male. His siblings were Amoretta, Clarrise, Zara, and Ygrette. He never married in his time, too concerned with matters of state though he did have an affair with Morgana Le Faye. In our time he has a daughter named Katheryn that he never gets to see.

General History:
Though no one knows the history of Etrigan the demon, save for maybe Merlin, the wizard, the story of Jason Blood is a story filled with sorrow. He began life as Jason of Norwhich, son of Lord Victor and Lady Melody. His father trained him to be a knight and once he was old enough, Jason joined the ranks of The Knights of The Round Table in the service of King Arthur. It was in this service that he met Morganna Le Faye. Jason saw Morganna, despite the warnings he was given, as a woman who loved him and was worth dying for. Morganna saw Jason as the pawn to help her destroy her brother.

It was at Jason's hands that Morganna's troops were allowed into the castle Camelot. Jason was tricked by his love into a final kiss, Morganna poisoning Jason. As he laid there, writhing in pain as the poison claimed his life, Merlin the wizard appeared to him. Jason denounced his love for Morganna as he begged for life. Merlin gave him his life but cursed him by binding him to the demon Etrigan. By reciting the poem

Change, change the form of man
Free the prince forever damned
Free the might from fleshy mire
Boil the blood in heat of fire
Gone, gone the form of man
Change the demon Etrigan

Jason would turn into the demon.

For ages, Jason has walked the Earth serving the forces of good on Etrigan. The thing that makes this occultist an anti-hero and not a hero is the fact that he is in life for himself. Though he defends people from the occult and helps them with their troubles, he is ultimately looking for a way to free himself from Etrigan.

On top of being gifted in the occult, Jason is a tolerated piano player as well as a gifted poet.

Jason is exceptionally intelligent and much of this comes from his long life.

Jason helps everyone he can, feeling that the world would have turned out different had he not betrayed Arthur.

General Personality
Positive Traits:
Good natured
Well mannered

Negative Traits:
Self concious

Jason is a mature man from how he was raised and what he has been through.

Relationship Status:
Jason is single and is not looking, feeling horrid after he so willingly believed Morganna.

Occult/Paranormal Detective

Jason has seen too much in this world to believe in one set god. Instead he believes that there is only fate which can be changed if needed. He believes that human nature is a perverse and dark thing but there are some truly kind people in the world. Murder of the innocent is wrong in his eyes but he is not afraid to kill most occult things.

Jason fidgets with the sleeve of his suit coat when thinking and when angry he deep breathes to calm himself.

Jason cannot afford to be emotional in his life of work because too many paranormal creatures prey on emotions.

Jason is not shy though he is often silent and reserved.

Values Violated:
When his views are violated, Jason often argues his point across.

When Angry:
Whenever he is angered, Jason's qualities are some what demonic.

Misc Views:
Sometimes Jason will rhyme everything he's saying. This comes from the fact that Etrigan is a rhyming demon.

Minor Notes:
Jason has seen a lot and has a story for everything.

His knowledge of the occult
His bond to Etrigan
His combat prowess

His is just human and unlike The Hulk must recite words to turn into "the other guy"
His bond to Etrigan
His refusal to hurt people
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Jason Blood
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