Eventually the time comes when those with powers have a choice to make: do what they feel is right or let power corrupt. Sometimes these choices, though made for the right reason, are what make heroes
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Anna Marie

Anna Marie

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Anna Marie Anna+Paquin+som+Rogue+i+X-Men+2%5B1%5D
"Perhaps I am stronger than I think."- Thomas Merton

Anna Marie

Anna Mah-ree

Anna means favor.
Marie means bitter.


Through touching another persons skin, Rogue can absorb their powers if they are powered or life force if they are not. When she touches someone she also gets their memories and their emotional responses to those memories.

Theme Song:
22 by Taylor Swift



120 lbs

Body Type:
Anna is mostly lean though she does have a bit of chunk at her legs.

Blood Type:

Anna's green eyes radiated her deep and strong nature as well as her sweetness.

Anna has auburn hair that reaches the center of her back. She has a streak of white through the top part of her hair.


Anna was born and raised in Caldecott County, Mississippi.

July 24th

Other Physical Traits:

Preferred Outfits

Casual Clothes:
Anna is a southern belle, slightly and prefers clothes that fit her to show off her vivacious figure. These clothes are usually patterened with floral designs on the tops. She prefers jeans to wearing skits however. Bright colors are a must because she feels that if she wears dark colors she's being too down.

There are two different costumes that Anna wears. The first is a black leather jumpsuit with long black gloves. The other is a more feminin thing. She wears a green pair of pants with a long hooded shirt, green gloves, and green boots.


Family Background:
Raised by her Aunt Carrie after tragedy befell her parents, young Anna Marie ran away from home and was taken in by Mystique and Destiny (Irene Adler), whom Rogue came to regard as her surrogate parents

General History:
Taken in by Mystique, Rogue joined the Brotherhood of Mutants as soon as she could. It wasn't until she accidentally took in the memories of Miss Marvel Carol Danvers that she came looking for help from Professor Xavier and his school. She was welcomed wearily but Xavier could tell that her intentions were true and she didn't plan on betraying them. As she grew more open with the X-Men, she became good friends with the likes of Jubilee, Colossus, Wolverine, and Gambit.

Rogue fell in love with Gambit. The two had a semi-normal relationship considering she couldn't touch him without fear of taking both his powers and his life but the relationship ended when she found out that he had been involved in the Morlock Massacre.

Nowadays, Rogue is one of the experienced X-Men and a link between youngsters and adults in the team. She still loves Gambit but she won't tell him that.

Rogue is a talented acrobat, learning from Gambit. He also taught her French and Creole which she is good at as well.

Though never actually making it through high school, Anna is very talented at what she does.

Anna cares for the other X-Men and the few friends from the Brotherhood she still has.

General Personality
Positive Traits:
Willing to help anyone who needs it
Generally sweet

Negative Traits:
Sometimes is hard to get close to
Sometimes is a worry wart
Sometimes she is a bit violent

Most of the time Anna is mature but she does have childish moments.

Relationship Status:
Rogue is bi and once had a relationship with Gambit but is now single.

Other than being a full time X-Man, Rogue works as a mechanic.

Murder is wrong to Anna but sometimes she can't help it.
Religion doesn't matter to Anna nor does sexuality.
She believes that people should get along, be they mutant or human.

Anna pops her gum when aggrivated, sighs when saddened, and has a high pitched giggle when nervous.

Anna always thinks before doing.

Most of the time Anna is bold and brave but there have been times when she's shy around new people.

Values Violated:
Anna becomes argumentative.

When Angry:
She storms off, angry.

Misc Views:
Anna believes that humans have the right to do whatever they want but hopes that they would come to appreciate the difference in mutants and themselves.

Minor Notes:
Anna will go to extreme lengths to stay out of reach of people so that they don't accidentally get hurt.

Her ability in hand to hand combat
Her belief in her teammates.
Her absorption/ability to adapt

She's afraid to hurt teammates so she often stays away
Her inability to let friends get hurt
Her shame of her power
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Anna Marie
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