Eventually the time comes when those with powers have a choice to make: do what they feel is right or let power corrupt. Sometimes these choices, though made for the right reason, are what make heroes
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 Sample Biography Sheet

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-le image of your character here-
-quote that fits your character here-

Name: The name of your hero, sidekick, villain, or civilian.

Pronunciation: How do you pronounce their name?

Meaning: What do their names (first, middle, and last) mean?

Alias: What is your hero, sidekick, or villain called when protecting or menacing the world?

Power: What is your heroes, sidekicks, or villains power? If they use gadgets, explain them as well.

Theme Song: What song do you feel most fits your character?

Age: How old is your character?

Height: How tall is your character? Does this differ in their crime making or crime fighting mode?

Weight: How much does your character weight? Does it differ in their crime making or crime fighting mode?

Body Type: Is your character lean? Are they fat? Do they get covered in rocks or scales or something else when fighting or making crime?

Blood Type: Does your character have average blood type or do they have something else?

Eyes: What radiates in your characters eyes? What color are they? Does your character put in contacts to make or fight crime?

Hair: How long is your character's hair? What color is it? Does your character put on a wig to fight or make crime?

Race: Is your character human or alien or another species?

Nationality: Where does your character come from? Are they from another world or a forgotten land?

Birthday: What day was your character born? Are they from the past or future?

Other Physical Traits: Does your character have tattoos or any visible scars?

Preferred Outfits

Casual Clothes: What sort of clothes does your character wear? What colors do they prefer? Is there an item they are never without?

Costume: What does your hero, sidekick, or villain wear to fight or make crime?

Underwear: Is your man a boxers or briefs guy? Is your girl a thong or boyshorts type?

Family Background: A short history of family. Give names as well as if they were close to your character.

General History: The complete history of your character. This includes things such as how they were raised, what led them to where they are now, and other major events.

Talents: What things, other than their powers, can your character do? Is there a sport they are talented with or maybe an instrument?

IQ: Is your character intelligent or dumb? Did they graduate college or are they just naturally smart?

EQ: Does your character care for other or are they selfish?

General Personality
Positive Traits: At least three good traits your character posses.

Negative Traits: At least three bad traits your character posses.

Maturity: Are they childish or do they have maturity beyond their years? What makes them this way?

Relationship Status: Are they single married, or seeing someone? Gay or straight or bi?

Occupation: What does your character do for a living? Remember, even heroes have other jobs.

Philosophy/Values: Do they believe in God or other higher powers? How do they view humanity? Is murder of a villain wrong to your hero? Does your villain have morals?

Quirks/Mannerisms: Little things your character does such as pacing when thinking.

Rational/Emotional: Do they reason out their actions or do they act without thinking?

Shy/Bold: Do they let others in easily or not?

Values Violated: How do they react when another hero or villain or even a civilian violates the things they value?

When Angry: How do they react when another person angers them?

Misc Views: Little things such as favorite things.

Minor Notes: Things that you as the role player want to stress about your character.

Strengths: At least three things that either makes your character stronger or that they excell at?

Weaknesses: At least three things that either make your character weaker or flaws that they have.
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Sample Biography Sheet
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