Eventually the time comes when those with powers have a choice to make: do what they feel is right or let power corrupt. Sometimes these choices, though made for the right reason, are what make heroes
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 Kyle Rayner

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Kyle Rayner

Kyle Rayner

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Kyle Rayner Tyler-hoechlin-san-diego-comic-con-2012_3992112
“Willpower survives.” - Toba Beta

Kyle Rayner

Ky-el Rain-er

Kyle means victorious
Rayner means army cancel

The Green Arrow

Kyle's constructs are made from his Green Lantern ring are amongst the most powerful. Kyle's constructs are much more elaborate than those of any other green lanterns, often fading into view like a sketch refined into an illustration due to the fact of his occupation. His ring also gives him the power of flight and the power to understand any language as well as speak it.

Theme Song:
The Rainbow Connection- Me First and The Gimmie Gimmie's



150 lbs

Body Type:
Like most young men his age, Kyle takes pride in being athletic and physically fit.

Blood Type:

Kyle's eyes are naturally blue and radiate his will power but when he goes into hero mode, his eyes change to green.

Kyle's black hair is usually cut short and spiked up.


Kyle was born and raised in Los Angeles in the United States.

September 16th

Other Physical Traits:
Kyle has a scar on his shoulder from a fight.

Preferred Outfits

Casual Clothes:
Usually he is dressed in a plain shirt or a muscle shirt of darker colors. He prefers clothes that are loose fitting and aren't going to get in his way when he's painting, drawing, or coloring. He likes jeans compared to slacks but he has been known to wear a suit when he has too.

Kyle's hero outfit is a black spandex suit with green accents and the symbol of the Lantern court on his chest, his Lantern ring on his finger, and black boots.


Family Background:
Kyle Rayner was born on the East Coast to Aaron and Maura Rayner. The family moved to Los Angeles soon after. Kyle's father, Aaron, was a military man and worked for a covert government agency. Aaron Rayner left his family when Kyle was almost three years old. He had been sent on a mission to Southeast Asia and never came back. Aaron Rayner has not been listed as dead or missing in action. Maura Rayner raised her son alone and in poor conditions as the military had stopped sending Aaron Rayner's paychecks. Maura was working as a cleaning lady so they could only afford to live in a trailer

General History:
While Kyle was in high school, his mother tried to cut through red tape in Washington to find Aaron Rayner, leaving herself little time to spend at home with her son. Kyle eventually found a few friends who liked to bully kids they thought were weaker than them. Kyle was hesitant to support his friends but knowing if he did not he'd lose them, he went along with whatever they wanted. Until the day senior football player Otis Wilkins stepped in. Wilkins wanted to see if Rayner would be willing to pick on someone that was not weak and, because everyone in school was watching, Rayner accepted the challenge. Rayner was scared, but believed his friends would support him, that they would all take on Wilkins. He was wrong. After school, he stood alone and was mocked by everyone in school. Still, Rayner fought Wilkins, and lost. Wilkins told him to start thinking for himself, rather than listening to his supposed friends. The next morning, Rayner was changed. He defended a freshman student from his three friends, easily beating them. They were cowards as Rayner now realized. Though his mother started receiving Aaron's pension from the Army and was able to buy a house, the relationship between Kyle and his mother was strained at best as Kyle always felt smothered by her over-protectiveness. Kyle moved out when he was 18 years old and went to art school. Rayner went to college on a scholarship with his friend, Tyler Hutchence. Rayner eventually dropped out of art school but with the help of Professor De Cord, who worked overtime to keep his student together, Rayner got back on track. Rayner never completed his degree and dropped out while Hutchence earned a degree in architecture. In his twenties, Rayner became a freelance artist, primarily designing greeting cards. Though he was never one to settle down, he began dating photojournalist Alexandra DeWitt. Their relationship was rocky, but they were willing to make a new start on the East coast. They wished upon the stars, witnessing the rise of an emerald light, reaching towards the heavens. Unbeknownst to the couple, the emerald light was that of Green Lantern Hal Jordan. Driven to an insane rage by the destruction of Coast City and the perceived indifference of the Guardians of the Universe, Jordan started on a path of destruction, tearing through his allies in the Green Lantern Corps. Aside from deploying members of the Green Lantern Corps and resurrecting Sinestro, the Guardians themselves did nothing to prevent Jordan from seizing the energy of the Central Power Battery. The Guardians chose one of their own, Ganthet, to become the repository of their energies. The backlash of power from the exploding Central Battery appeared to have killed the Guardians. Jordan emerged, surveying the destruction. He sensed his power ring laying on the ground where he had thrown it. Jordan crushed it under the heel of his boot and left Oa. Ganthet, the last surviving Guardian, reformed the power ring. Though the Corps was dead, the work of the Guardians would live on. Ganthet chose Earth to find someone to wield the power ring as that world had a history of heroes. Rayner did not know the last Guardian had first approached former Green Lantern Guy Gardner but found Gardner uninterested in wearing the power ring again. Weeks after the destruction of the Central Power Battery, Rayner was at the Heretic Club in Los Angeles with his old friend Tyler Hutchence. After taking his drunk friend to the bathroom to be sick, Rayner went out to the back alley to get some air. Moments later, a streak of emerald light, similar to the light he had seen some weeks before, fell from the sky and veered towards him. In the center of the light emerged the figure of Ganthet, the last Guardian of the Universe. Weakened by his journey, Ganthet had little time to explain who he was. He gave the ring to the first person he saw, Kyle Rayner. After a few cryptic words, Ganthet disappeared in a blast of emerald energy. A vagrant, Joshua P. Turner, was in the alleyway that night and was the only witness. Rayner put the power ring on his right hand and found himself transformed. He was wearing the costume of Green Lantern.

Now happy as the Green Lantern, Kyle is friends with most of the Justice League.

Kyle is a brilliant artist who has talent in painting, drawing, graphic design, and inking.

Kyle is very intelligent in both book and street smarts.

Kyle cares for others, be they friend or maybe a foe that he can reform.

General Personality
Positive Traits:
Good natured

Negative Traits:
Too strong willed to back down when it may benefit him
Often too immature
Cold hearted when it comes to justice

Kyle is immature and playful.

Relationship Status:
Kyle is closeted gay.

Graphic artist

Kyle believes there is some higher power out there, he just doesn't know what. He would never murder a villain but he doesn't descriminate against those who believe they have to.

Kyle doodles when sitting quietly.



Values Violated:
He's very willing to work with others who have different ideas.

When Angry:
He grows quiet and wont' speak.

Misc Views:
He view mutants and metas as the same thing and thinks that the world should be okay with that.

Minor Notes:

His power ring
His imagination
His combat ability

Bad back
Will protect his friends over civilians if he fears they are in too much danger
Too bullheaded
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Kyle Rayner
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