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PostSubject: Useful page links   Useful page links EmptyTue Dec 17, 2013 3:29 am

Since I know everyone has trouble finding faces for new characters and things like that, I thought I'd post some links to a few pages I've found help a lot. Smile
Plus I'll probably add more as I find/remember them.

Tumblr Pages:

RPhelper http://rphelper.tumblr.com/: There's a lot of great references for roleplay-relevant information and lots of gif hunts (if you need them for a Tumblr character). There's also a great little fc database thing which even has pictures, instead of just a name you have to then search. Their navigation page also has a lot of useful page links.

Link to the fc thing is here: http://rphelper.tumblr.com/fcdirectory

Underused faces http://underusedfaces.tumblr.com/: A great page for finding faces that you don't see everywhere. The admin's pretty friendly too, I've asked for suggestions from them before.

Roleplay tips and advice http://roleplaytipsandadvice.tumblr.com/: I haven't been around the whole page yet, but they have some useful things and help with fcs too.

Lost Girl RP Helper http://lostgirlrph.tumblr.com/: There's links to guides and masterlists full of links to advice and stuff, plus they do good fc help too (I've asked a few times for some).

The Potter Helper http://acciorpc.tumblr.com/: I've found a lot of useful guides to various rp-related things here! There's fc help but it's mainly specialised for Harry Potter when it comes to character specific help (so don't ask for Marvel canon character help, but try describing the kind of look you'd like for the fc).
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PostSubject: Re: Useful page links   Useful page links EmptyWed Mar 04, 2015 5:05 am

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Useful page links
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