Eventually the time comes when those with powers have a choice to make: do what they feel is right or let power corrupt. Sometimes these choices, though made for the right reason, are what make heroes
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 Erik Lehnsherr

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RP Name: ...I'd be worried if you didn't know by now.

Erik Lehnsherr Magnet13

Person used as character face: Michael Fassbender

Character Name: Erik Lehnsherr

Alias: Magneto

Power: Magnetokenisis, the ability to manipulate magnetic fields and objects.

Second Generation Villain? If so, how did you end up as this new villain?: First

Costume: Erik Lehnsherr Magnet11((Ugh it's so hard to find a non-dorky costume for him.))

How long have you been a villain?: Over ten years.

Character Bio: ((contains very vague spoilers, so hidden just in case.))
His powers first appeared when he was taken from his mother as a child in a Concentration camp, where he bent a large metal gate as he desperately tried to get back to her. A man named Sebastian Shaw saw his power and killed Erik's mother when he was unable to demonstrate it again, which led to them discovering anger was the key.
Years later, Erik is free from the camp and attempting to track down Shaw to get revenge on him, killing men who worked at the camp on his path to Shaw.
When he finally finds the man, Erik almost drowns while trying to stop Shaw escaping in a submarine. He is saved by Charles Xavier and the two eventually become friends and form a team with a group of other mutants.
Erik helps Raven (Mystique) realise that her true form is nothing to be ashamed of while the mutants are training to stop Shaw as a team.
Eventually, they stop him and Erik ends up killing Shaw, leaving the newly paralysed Charles and the 'X-Men' behind as he leaves with Raven and a number of other mutants to form their own team, taking up the name Magneto. The mutants who go with him disagree with Charles, as Erik does, believing that they should be above humans, not living in fear of them.

Days of Future Past spoilers?:

As the future is set 'right', somehow Erik is pulled from his timeline to the current New York, where his older self is dead. In this timeline, Shaw still lives and has children and through children of his own, Erik has two grandchildren, who go by the aliases Wiccan and Speed, though Erik is yet to discover any of this.
Though he is unaware of it, the older Magneto's death greatly upset the Scarlet Witch, who accidentally used her reality warping powers, which then pulled the younger Erik into the current timeline, instead of bringing back her father.
Seeing that mutants are treated poorly even in this timeline, Erik continues on as Magneto, still intending on having mutants as the superior race, above humans and won't hesitate to kill anyone in his way.
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Erik Lehnsherr
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