Eventually the time comes when those with powers have a choice to make: do what they feel is right or let power corrupt. Sometimes these choices, though made for the right reason, are what make heroes
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Marco Ellis

Marco Ellis

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Marco Ellis Fehr210

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.’ -Marianne Williamson

Name: Marco Ellis

Pronunciation: MARH-koh EHL-ihs

Meaning: Marco: ‘Derived from the Latin Marcus, a name of uncertain derivation. Most believe it has its root in Mars, the name of the Roman mythological god of war. Others, however, think it might be from mas (manly) or from the Greek malakoz (soft, tender).’
Ellis: ‘One of several popular names in medeival England derived from the Hebrew personal name "Elijah," or the Greek "Elias," meaning 'Jehova is God.'’

Alias: Formerly- Orpheus (Greek name derived either from orbhao "deprived" or orphe "darkness." In mythology, this is the name of a musician who charmed Hades with his lyre in an attempt to rescue his wife from the underworld.)
Currently- Erebus (Latinised form of the Greek word Erebos, which means "nether darkness". Erebus was the personification of the primordial darkness in Greek mythology.)

Power: Formerly, Marco could only create and manipulate darkness in the form of shadows, which he could then use to hide himself.
Now, he is able to do this, but also create solid forms with the darkness, which he can use as well as any real object. He can also use the power to temporarily alter his body (almost as if he’s made of darkness himself), normally to give his preferred arm a more monster-like appearance with claws. He is now also able to sense other mutants and locate them, but cannot tell what their powers are.

Theme Song: Monster –Imagine Dragons

Age: Unknown, at least in his late 30’s

Height: 6ft 2 (1.88m)

Weight: n/a

Body Type: Lean, muscular.

Blood Type: O+

Eyes: Originally his eyes were dark brown. They are now closer to a dark red.

Hair: Short, spiked hair. Dark brown/black

Race: Human/mutant

Nationality: He was born in America, but his family is Israeli

Birthday: November 1st

Other Physical Traits: He has a few faint scars from fights, mostly on his arms and shoulders, one along his jaw.

Preferred Outfits

Casual Clothes: Neat, casual wear. He normally wears long sleeved shirts and jeans

Costume: Black clothes suited to whatever job he’s sent on, normally a sleeveless shirt, making it easier to work with his powers

Underwear: Either

Family Background: Marco’s family moved to America while his mother was pregnant with him, Marco being born a few months later. He’s never returned to his family’s home country; they however have.  

General History: Marco’s parents were both teachers and constantly busy. Being an only child meant he was often left alone and when he made friends at school, it was with the troublemakers. He ended up getting in trouble often, but his parents never believed he’d done anything, as he was still well behaved at home, though he didn’t speak much.
As a teenager, Marco became reckless under the influence of his friends, started drinking (underage), getting into fights and stealing things, mostly cars.
Eventually his parents caught on and his bad behaviour spilled into his home life as well.

His powers first emerged when he and his friends were stealing the car of a rich businessman. His friends were caught when the man’s housekeeper left work for the night, Marco avoiding being caught because his powers hid him in the darkness. Instead of returning home, Marco left and was on his own for a while before meeting Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants, whom he joined. Magneto gave him the name ‘Orpheus’ as a reference to both Marco’s powers (with the Brotherhood helped him learn how to use) and the way he was able to appear innocent to his family and talk his way out of things.

Marco remained with the Brotherhood up until Magneto was captured following his attempt to mutate humans using Rogue. Marco attempted to fight his way in to rescue Magneto from his plastic prison, but was stopped and captured.

Marco then ended up with a group who aims to eliminate mutants, or anyone with powers and his memory was wiped by their scientists. His powers were altered and expanded to what they are now using DNA from a mutant who was able to create psychokinetic weapons and objects and he was trained as an assassin. He was also given the mutant sensing/locating powers from another of his kind. Thanks to his lack of memory, Marco has been led to believe he was originally human and was given temporary powers to help get rid of others with powers, whom he was taught to hate.  

Talents: Marco is a skilled fighter, though he was never taught an actual martial art. He learned to fight on the streets.

IQ: Thanks to his teacher parents, Marco is quite smart and picks up things quickly.

EQ: Marco was very protective of his fellow Brotherhood members. Now, he only really cares for himself.

General Personality

Positive Traits: Curious, merciful (occasionally), charming

Negative Traits: Cruel, cold hearted, manipulative

Maturity: There is nothing childish about Marco. His past led to him maturing quickly and having his mind wiped removed any remaining innocence he had.

Relationship Status: Single; though he had a brief affair with Kris Riley. Prefers women, but is bisexual.

Occupation: Assassin for a group trying to ‘cure’ those with powers. Occasionally he’s asked to bring someone in as a test subject.

Philosophy/Values: He does not believe in any gods, he just listens to those he works for.
He has no problem with humans, but has been taught to hate those with powers.
He sees no problem with murder, as he’s been made to carry them out as part of his job. While he has no issue with teenagers, he won’t kill or hurt children.

Quirks/Mannerisms: Gets extremely irritated by bright lights.
Always carries a knife around with him in case his power is unusable for whatever reason.

Rational/Emotional: Rational, until angered.

Shy/Bold: He is bold, but very rarely actually lets anyone close to him.

Values Violated: He’d likely respond by denying whatever they have said, then with violence.

When Angry: He’d lash out and attack them or threaten them.

Misc Views: He loves the darkness thanks to his powers and being able to see perfectly in it. The darker it is the better.

Minor Notes: He remembers nothing of his past; including those he once teamed with. He does not know his own name, besides ‘Erebus’.

Strengths: Hand-to-hand combat, powers work much better at night, lack of empathy (helps with his job)

Weaknesses: Bright lights, his lack of memory, his doubt of whether or not the scientists really mean to ‘cure’ him.
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Marco Ellis
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