Eventually the time comes when those with powers have a choice to make: do what they feel is right or let power corrupt. Sometimes these choices, though made for the right reason, are what make heroes
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 The monster

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(Not sure if this is actually a background story, but it's better than posting it on another site.)

“I am afraid they do not understand us. Is it wrong to crave attention from your own father? Is it wrong to be angry when ignored in favour of another child, or when you are forbidden from seeing your own? We should not be made to feel guilty for being different, by those who claim to accept others…”

The sound of his sigh was lost as waves crashed into the shore. No response could be heard and after a silence, his boots scraped against the rocks as he turned to leave, only to pause after a few steps.

“I understand if you are mad, but I am not the one you should be directing it at. I wanted to see you sooner, however I was unable to with my ‘father’ and his all-seeing friend constantly observing me.” He shifted his feet as he spoke, half turning back towards the shore. There was still no response. “I can leave if you like…however, I was hoping to make up for the time they stole from us...”

He waited a little longer before turning to leave again, pausing once more as the waves suddenly became fierce. He grinned as something large moved beneath the ocean’s surface, a serpentine head emerging from the waves a moment later. Despite only part of it’s long body being visible, the serpent’s head easily rose above the waves to the height of a house roof.
The serpent made a low, rumbling sound as if responding to the speaker and lowered it’s head, meeting the outstretched palm of the man’s hand, pressing against it lit a cat being petted.

“It’s alright. We’ll find your brothers and sister. We shall be together again.” The man, Loki, said; speaking softly to the serpent as he petted it’s large head. “Although, you have grown quite large Jormungand; you will be unable to come with me looking like this.”

The serpent made an angry sound, making Loki chuckle.

“Do not worry. You will still be able to come; I simply need to disguise you. Midgard’s cities are much too small for your size now.”

Loki raised his free hand, closing his eyes as he focused, working an enchantment. There was a flash of light and suddenly the serpent was gone, leaving a small, dark haired boy standing in it’s place, the trickster’s hand still on his head.

“There we go,” Loki said softly before crouching to pick up the child, hugging him close. “Now we shall find the others. Then…we can visit your uncle.” He added with a grin, a dark look in his eyes.
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The monster
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