Eventually the time comes when those with powers have a choice to make: do what they feel is right or let power corrupt. Sometimes these choices, though made for the right reason, are what make heroes
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 Kay's Christmas present

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“No, stop!”

Her cries went unnoticed as the two kept fighting. Arrows were deflected by magic shield and energy blasts were avoided or failed to keep the enraged archer down.

“Stop it both of you!”

Another blast of energy sent the archer’s bow flying, leaving him with only a nearly empty quiver attached to his belt. Instead of becoming a problem though, he only hesitated for a moment before his years of circus training led to him flinging an arrow at his opponent with his hands instead.

Just a few days ago, things had been okay; they’d been happy. Clint Barton had been away on a mission, leaving her alone in their shared apartment, until he showed up.
She had been glad to see him, having thought he was dead. He had been staying there with her and everything had been fine; until Clint showed up.


The front door opened and a heavy sounding bag thudded to the floor, causing the two on the couch to go silent, quickly turning towards the source of the noise.

“Clint, I – ”

Loki?!” The archer’s hands clenched into fists as he struggled to stay calm. “You let Loki in here?”

“It’s not what you think! He –”

“No? I think there’s an escaped prisoner from Asgard in here; one who’s supposed to be dead!” Clint snapped, cutting her off before she could respond. “He’s a murderer Rebecca.”

“Clint!” She was on her feet now, glaring at the archer from across the room. “Will you just stop and listen to me?!”

“No, I won’t stop to hear excuses. Thor and S.H.I.E.L.D should have been called in as soon as he showed up.” The archer scolded her. “Have you forgotten what he did?”

“No Clint. But… he’s changed…” Rebecca said slowly, trying her best to control her own temper.

“Like hell he has! He hurt innocent people. He almost cost me my job; and my life. Not to mention all the damage he and his army caused…”

“No! Of course not; but he has changed. If you’d just-”    

The archer shook his head and crouched, pulling something out of his bag. “He goes. Now.”

Loki got up from the couch then, slowly raising a hand in what was supposed to be a calming gesture.
“There is no need for that Barton; I am not here to cause trouble - what is that for?” He said, looking concerned when Clint stood, bow in hand.

There was a tension-filled silence as the two of them stared each other down; Loki with his hands down by his sides, unsure of how to respond to the situation with Rebecca present.
Suddenly Clint moved, his free hand pulling an arrow from his quiver, drawing and firing it at Loki before Rebecca even had a chance to react. Despite the archer’s speed though, Loki was still able to deflect the missile with a wave of his hand before aiming a second blast of energy at Clint.

Chaos followed as the two began fighting, despite Rebecca’s protests.


Loki was beginning to regret not wearing Asgardian armour while visiting Rebecca as the arrow Clint threw at him caught him by surprise and grazed his arm, tearing the sleeve of his Midgardian shirt.
He growled and paused to stare down at it even though it had barely made more than a scratch. It was enough of a distraction however for Clint to rush in and tackle Loki to the ground, Rebecca screaming as he began attacking the Asgardian with his bare hands.

“Clint!” Rebecca shouted at him. “Stop it right now!”

“You bastard! You should have paid for what you did, they should have killed you!”

Loki had been laughing through the punches, knowing Clint could cause him very little harm. At the archer’s words however, he went quiet. Bothered by the sudden silence, Clint froze.

“They had intended to do so actually…” Loki replied, his voice sounding quite calm despite Clint’s hurtful words. “Were it not for Frigga, Odin would have done so. It was at her word that I lived.” He added before falling silent again, turning his head away.

“Well ‘Frigga’ is a bit of an idiot the- .”

Before Clint could finish his sentence, he was sent flying backwards thanks to a punch from Loki.

“Hey!” Not understanding Loki’s response, Rebecca hurried over to check on Clint, who was fortunate enough to have landed on the couch. “Are you alright?”

Clint groaned, taking a moment to recover enough to respond. He blinked a few times and put a hand to his nose; blood streaming down his face.
“Sure.” He said sarcastically. “Just fine.”

“You have no right to speak of Frigga with such disrespect!” Loki hissed. “She was the only one who accepted all as they are. She was kinder than you could ever hope to be!”

There was a silence then as the other two took in what he said. Rebecca’s expression softened, while Clint stared at the Asgardian over his bloodstained hand.

Was? Oh Loki…I’m sorry.” She said. “We didn’t know.”

Despite the apology, Loki was still angry. “What, the fool Thor never passed on the news?” He shook his head, struggling to keep tears from falling.
He muttered angrily and looked away from the others as he tried to regain control of his emotions. After a moment he heard movement and became aware of someone standing before him.
Sighing, he slowly lifted his head, expecting to see Rebecca, but instead he found Clint offering his clean hand to help him up. After a moment’s hesitation, the Asgardian took it and allowed him to help, though he didn’t need it.

“Sorry…” The archer muttered from behind his hand. He may not have forgiven what Loki had done last time they met, but he felt bad about attacking the Asgardian over an old grudge after hearing about Frigga.

Watching them, Rebecca smiled before going over to hug Loki.

“We should probably clean that up.” She said to Clint, who nodded and turned to head to the bathroom. Rebecca followed, taking Loki’s hand to lead him along with her.
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Kay's Christmas present
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