Eventually the time comes when those with powers have a choice to make: do what they feel is right or let power corrupt. Sometimes these choices, though made for the right reason, are what make heroes
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 Carter Kent

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Carter Kent Aldean-1370486520

"I have always found that mercy bears richer fruits than strict justice."- Abraham Lincoln

Carter Kent, Car-El

Car-Ter Ken-t, Car-L

Carter means cart bearer, Kent means rim


Carter has many powers: flight, super strength, invulnerability, ultra acute senses, freeze breath, x-ray vision, heat vision, and super speed.

Theme Song:
Kryptonite by Three Days Grace

Though he is only been created for five years, Carter has the apperance of a 24 year old man.


190 lbs

Body Type:
Carter is well built from his genetics but it doesn't hurt that he does a lot of farm work for the Kent's.

Blood Type:
The blood running through Carter's veins is a mix of the Kryptonian blood in Superman's veins and the human blood of Lex Luthor.

Carter's blue eyes radiate a fierce intensity to do the right thing.

Carter's brown hair is usually kept short.


Carter was created in a Cadmus Labs in America.

August 1

Other Physical Traits:
Carter has a brand of the numbers designating him as a test subject of Cadmus Labs on his left wrist. Higher up on his left arm he has a cross tattoo.

Preferred Outfits

Casual Clothes:
Carter hates clothes that constrict him. His shirts vary between being just a plain or band t-shirt or plaid button up shirts. The colors of these are usually bright, Carter preferring those that are more reflective to his hero Clark Kent. His pants are nine times out of ten denim, more preferably blue jeans. The two items he is never without is a leather band around his wrist to hide the lab numbers and his black cowboy hat.

Carter's costume was one a plain pair of blue jeans and a black Superman shirt. When Superman died, he picked up a more hero like outfit. These days he wears a black spandex suit with a silver cape, a blood red S on the chest that is actually the Kryptonian symbol for hope, and silver boots.

Carter is a boxers man.

Family Background:
Because he was created in a lab, Carter has no official mother and father. Instead his DNA consists of the Kryptonian DNA of Kal-El, Superman, and the human DNA of Lex Luthor. Raised the first two years of his life, until he resembled the human age of 16, in a lab. Carter escaped and ran to the Kent Farm. Here Clark Kent found him, raising him as a Kent.

General History:

Cadmus Labs are home to many projects funded by Lex Lutho but none were more important to the billionaire than his clone project. One clone, #5996, showed more promise than any other clone. #5996 developed all the same powers as Superman but without the weakness to green Kryptonite. The clone soon grew self aware and escaped Cadmus Labs. The young man took shelter in a small barn in a farm town, not knowing where he had just hid.

The next morning when the barns owners, Clark and Johnathan Kent, came out to do their chores they found the young lab experiment. Clark could see the resemblance between himself and Carter and; after feeding the young man a good breakfast, went to see what the clone could do. The older hero trained the clone to control his powers and when he found out he had no name, christined him Carter. At the ripe age of 17, Carter started being a sidekick to the "Man of Steel" named Superboy.

At the young age of 24, his body stopped aging. He kept fighting crime however and when Clark was killed by Doomsday, Carter changed his costume from the jeans and t-shirt to an actual Superman costume. These days he protects the world in the memory of his old friend.

Carter is pretty good at football.

Carter has an average intellect, not being overly knowledgable about anything.

Carter is always willing to help people, no matter the problem they have.

General Personality

Positive Traits:
Always looking to do the right thing

Negative Traits:
A bit naive
Argumentative when upset
Still learning to control some of his powers.

Carter is mature for as much as he has been through though he does get childish when introduced to new things.

Relationship Status:
When he was still a sidekick to Superman, Carter began a brief relationship with Wonder Girl Cassie Sandsmark. Carter broke it up after he felt that they were closer friends than lovers. Now Carter is single and proudly bisexual.

College Student at Metropolis University, Farmhand at the Kent Farm.

Carter is Christian, attending church every Sunday with Martha Kent. Though he has seen the worst of humanity, Carter fully believes that most people want to do the right thing. He would never murder a villain for their crime.

Carter paces when worried, chews his lip when thinking, and adjusts the leather bracelet on his arm when nervous.

Overall Carter is a rational young man though he has been known to act on emotions.

Carter is a bold young man though he has been known to act on emotion.

Values Violated:
If another hero violates his value of not murdering villains, Carter will refuse to speak to them ever again.

When Angry:
When Carter gets angry, he will grow quiet and sullen.

Misc Views:
Carter detests the work done by Cadmus Labs or LuthorCorp.

Minor Notes:
A lot of things are still new to Carter and I play him as such.

The yellow sun restores his health and strengthens him
He feels as if his morals make him stronger
Instead of green Kryptonite making him weak, it makes him stronger.

Instead of blue kryptonite taking away his powers, it makes him weaker.
Magic affects him whereas most projectiles do not.
Carter is easily tricked by others
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Carter Kent
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