Eventually the time comes when those with powers have a choice to make: do what they feel is right or let power corrupt. Sometimes these choices, though made for the right reason, are what make heroes
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Kip Dallas

Kip Dallas

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"Without the dark, we'd never see the stars."- Stephanie Meyer

Edward "Kip" Dallas

Ed-ward Kip Dall-as

Edward means wealth protector, Dallas means from the waterfall.


Shadow and dark matter manipulation

Theme Song:
Sound of Madness- Shinedown



195 lbs

Body Type:
Kip is muscular from years of hardwork as a boxer in training.

Blood Type:

Kip has light blue eyes that gleam with a mischevious light. When he's fighting crime, he puts in pure black contact lenses.

Kip's brown hair is usually kept short if not shaved off.

Caucasian Human

American, born and raised in The Bronx.

November 26th

Other Physical Traits:
Kip has a crescent moon shaped tattoo on his wrist.

Preferred Outfits

Casual Clothes:
Kip is a country boy trapped in a city boy's body. He loves form fitting t-shirts because he claims that ladies love to see the pecs. He loves dark and neutral colors, especially the color black. Kip refuses to wear anything but jeans, even for job interviews. He also always has a baseball cap on.

Kip's costume is fairly simple and was thought up by Vance. The costume consists of a black spandex suit with a silver crescent moon on the chest, a black mask over his eyes, silver gloves, and silver boots.

Kip is a brief's man.

Family Background:
Kip was born four minutes before younger twin brother Vance to loving parents Vivica Dallas, a school teacher, and Charlie Dallas, a world class boxer. Vivica herself was a telepath and Charlie had raised strength so they as parents were supportive of their children.

General History:

Kip is much darker than younger brother Vance, perhaps because of his super power. In high school, Kip was a loner who didn't care about the rest of the school. During a trip to the caves in upstate New York, other students were making shadow puppets on the cave walls and Kip decided to get in on the fun. What shocked him though was the shadows reacted to him, creating anything he wanted. The deeper they went into the cave, the stronger Kip's powers seemed to be. Eventually all that was around was the darkness. Lucky for Kip, Vance found his powers the same day and helped the other students out of there.

Believing the accident to be his fault, Kip refused to use his powers in public. He preferred the sanctity of his room, practicing with the dark there. It wasn't until sometime after high school graduation when Vance came to him with the scheme to be a super hero team. At first, Kip was hesitant but at the prodding of his brother became a hero. Everything was going fine until during a mission Kip and Vance saved everyone but a ten year old girl. Grief stricken, Kip hunted down the thug who had shot the girl and used the darkness to drive the man insane. Kip never told Vance of this and still holds the secret with him.

One of Kip's finer missions was saving a young blogger, Amy Berk, from a Cadmus assassin. The two became fast friends, Kip finding it all in good fun that she became the author of his comic book series.

Kip is good at hand to hand combat, a skill learned from his father, as well as being a talented mechanic.

Though he doesn't seem it, Kip is highly intelligent and uses that to strategize against crime.

Kip cares for people but is not very social.

General Personality
Positive Traits:
Dedicated to helping others
Loyal to his friends and family

Negative Traits:
Easily angered
Emotion driven to the max.

Kip acts immature but since driving the thug crazy hides a deeper and darker maturity.

Relationship Status:
Openly gay, Kip has never had a real significant other though he is very flirtatious.

Boxer-In-Training, Coach to younger fighters in his father's gym

Kip doesn't believe in God, citing that there is to much evil in the world. He holds the attitude that criminals who hurt or kill children need to be taught a lesson.

Kip mutters to himself when fighting, be it crime or in a boxing match.

As with the man who he drove insane, Kip is a very emotion driven young man.

There is nothing that Kip won't do or say, making him a bold young man.

Values Violated:
When a villain hurts a child, Kip deals them serious harm. If a hero disagree's with his methods, he shrugs them off.

When Angry:
Kip is a violent hero if a villain angers him but can laugh it off with another hero.

Misc Views:
Kip believes his brother to be the real hero out of the two of them.

Minor Notes:
Kip has two personalities: the laidback tough guy and the vicious defender.

Fighting at night
Fighting in dark places
His imagination to create shadow creatures

Fighting during bright days
Fighting in bright places
His viciousness
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Kip Dallas
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