Eventually the time comes when those with powers have a choice to make: do what they feel is right or let power corrupt. Sometimes these choices, though made for the right reason, are what make heroes
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Vance Dallas TmpO9Jj_t_jpg_475x310_q85

"Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows."- Helen Keller

Vance Dallas

Van-see Dall-as

Vance means from the marsh, Dallas means from the waterfall.


Control and manipulation over light matter

Theme Song:
I Will Wait- Mumford and Sons



190 lbs

Body Type:
Vance works out as well a fighting crime, keeping him lean and in shape.

Blood Type:

Behind Vance's blue eyes is a hope for the best in life.

Vance keeps his brown hair cut short.

Caucasian Human

American, born and raised in The Bronx.

November 26th

Other Physical Traits:
Vance has a tattoo on the sun peaking out from behind clouds on his wrist.

Preferred Outfits

Casual Clothes:
Much like his older brother, Vance picked up a Southern style. He prefers shirts that fit nicely but do not cling too tight because he doesn't like showing off. Unlike Kip, Vance loves bright colors. Vance also doesn't mind dressing up if he has too. Vance has a habit of wearing his baseball cap all the time.

Vance created his own and his brother Kip's costumes to resemble each other's. While Vance chose the dark colors black and silver for Kip, he took on the opposite colors white and gold. His costume, like Kip's, is a white spandex suit with a gold sun on the chest and gold belt, a white mask over his eyes, gold gloves, and gold boots.

Vance is a boxers guy.

Family Background:
Vance was born four minutes after Kip to school teacher Vivica and boxer father Charlie. The two embraced the fact their sons were metahumans much like they were.

General History:
Born four minutes after his brother, Vance Dallas is the brighter of the two siblings. In high school he was the social butterfly, fitting in with band nerds just as easily as he could his fellow members of the football team. During a trip to the caverns in upstate New York, Vance became aware that his brother had unintentionally created the darkness that he and the fellow students became lost in. Praying for a miracle, Vance began to glow brightly and helped to get the students and teachers out of the caves.

Left wanting to help others with that brief taste of heroism, Vance Dallas took up the name Sunburst after graduation and began to fight crime. After a month, Vance realized that if he and his brother were to team up they could get more done. Vance recruited Kip and the two became a formidable duo. During a mission where a child was left unsaved, Vance grew aware that though he felt responsible, he could not save everyone.

After the Nocturn and Sunburst graphic novels started, Vance felt weary that Amy had become such a huge fan of theirs. He tracked down Miss Amy Berk, making her swear to secracy what she knew.

Vance can play piano pretty well, can sing, and like his brother has some boxing talents.

Vance is extremely intelligent, having an above average intellect.

Vance would do anything to help those that need it.

General Personality
Positive Traits:

Negative Traits:
A bit too naive
Overly optimistic

Though he acts mature, Vance is naturally childish.

Relationship Status:
Openly gay, Vance dated a young man named Freddy Batson for a while before they broke up. He is currently single.

Pediatrics doctor

Unlike his brother, Vance is a devout Christian. He would rather imprison criminals than kill them, believing murder to be wrong.

Vance rubs his temples when thinking and bites his lips when nervous.

Though he is more rational than his brother, Vance can be emotion driven as well.

Vance is bold but there are some topics that he will hold his tongue on.

Values Violated:
If a fellow hero offends his values, Vance will argue his point.

When Angry:
When angry Vance grows almost depressed.

Misc Views:
Vance views his brother Kip as the braver and more heroic one.

Minor Notes:
Vance has NO clue about the way Kip used his power to destroy a thug.

Fighting during a sunny day boosts his powers
Fighting in extremely bright areas boosts his powers
His undying determination

Fighting in the rain
Fighting in too dark of an area
His care if he severly injures a villain
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Vance Dallas
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