Eventually the time comes when those with powers have a choice to make: do what they feel is right or let power corrupt. Sometimes these choices, though made for the right reason, are what make heroes
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 Nolee McCallister

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Nolee McCallister

Nolee McCallister

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Nolee McCallister Taylor_Swift_sexy_scowl

"Your silence will not protect you."- Audre Lorde

Nolee McCallister

No-Lee Mac-Call-Is-Ter

Nolee means day of birth, McCallister means son of Alesdair

Siren, Formerly Songbird

Her voice, if she wills it, can be used to make people do whatever she says.

Theme Song:
Dark Horses by Switchfoot



160 lbs

Body Type:
Nolee is tall but lean, making sure she keeps her figure.

Blood Type:

Nolee's blue eyes mask the pain and suffering she has gone through in her life.

Nolee's blonde hair is usually curled but there are occasions when she does straighten it out.

Caucasian Human

American, born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee but now living in Metropolis.

April 20th

Other Physical Traits:
Nolee has a scar on her wrist from a suicide attempt after her mother died as well as having two giant wing tattoos on her back.

Preferred Outfits

Casual Clothes:
Nolee has a conservative style from her upbringing. She refuses to wear any outfit that she deems not long enough, including some shorts. Most of the outfits she wears are sundresses in bright colors but she has been known to wear jeans and t-shirts.

Nolee had donned two costumes, one for each hero persona. When she went by the codename Songbird, the costume reflected her childish nature. The yellow spandex top she wore had capped sleeves with a red musical note on his chest. The yellow spandex top went into a red skirt that reached a bit above her knees with an orange belt that matched her orange mask over her eyes. These days her costume is darker to reveal a darker persona. She wears a strapless purple corset that goes into a leotard that stops at her ankles. A sapphire blue belt goes around her waist, cinching in the middle in a wing like pattern. Her mask is sapphire blue and goes only over her eyes. Her stilletto boots are black.

Nolee wears very feminine lacy underthings.

Family Background:
A military hero and a former cop, General Wade McCallister was no hero to his wife and his three children Jake, Evan, and Nolee. Both physically and mentally abusive to his wife, a former metahuman hero who went by the name Arrowette, and his children General McCallister hated all metahumans. When the accident involving the death of her mother hapened, Nolee ran way from home and Dinah Drake Lance, The Black Canary, took her in.

General History:
Life growing up was hard for Nolee McCallister. She was the only girl in three children as well as being the youngest. While this was bad to her, it was nowhere near the hell that she endured everyday living as the daughter of General Wade McCallister. General McCallister emotionally abused his three children and his wife Cissie, a former heroine who fought under the codename Arrowette, recieved physical abuse. Nolee escaped early on in the comics she read of brave female heroes like Wonder Woman, Jean Gray, and The Black Canary. Her brother Jake was kicked out for being able to manipulate time while Evan, who could fly, left home for college.

It was at the age of 12 that she discovered she had a deadly power. Her father had been yelling at her mother at the top of the stairs when he grabbed Cissie's arm. Nolee, using a voice that sounded deeper and more womanly than her own, ordered her father to let go. He did just that, inadvertantly sending Cissie tumbling down the stairs and causing her to break her neck. Nolee blamed herself and fled, finding herself scared and alone. It wasn't but a few hours later until she cut her wrists where Nolee was found by one of her heroes: Dinah Drake Lance, also known as Black Canary, showed up to battle what she had heard was a dangerous metahuman. Instead she found a crying little girl who needed help. Dinah took Nolee in and over a series of days the little girl told Dinah her story. Eventually, when she saw the power in action, Dinah brought Nolee to her husband Oliver Queen, otherwise known as the Green Arrow. The two decided to take her on as a sidekick. Nolee picked a bird related name: Songbird.

As Nolee grew up, she realized that no matter how many times a super villain was captured, they managed to escape. After many arguments about how to treat this with Dinah and Oliver, Nolee dropped the name Songbird and moved out of the Queen mansion. Now going by the name Siren, she's determined to make a life on her own.

Trained by Oliver Queen, Nolee is exceptional with a bow. Nolee also has skills at voice mimicry, being able to both sound like someone else and throw her voice.

Nolee is intelligent enough to get by on her own, most of her smarts being of the street smart variety.

Though she is a hero, Nolee is offput by military figures because of her father. Thus, she won't help them.

General Personality
Positive Traits:
Positive in nature

Negative Traits:
A bit to eager in a fight
Detests most military/authority figures
Easily charmed by handsome men, be they villain or hero.

Though she can sometimes be naive, Nolee is all around a mature young woman.

Relationship Status:
One of Nolee's major flaws is that she is easily charmed by the actions of handsome men. Early on in her career as Siren she was charmed by Lex Luthor but that relationship did not last.

Works at Dinah Lance's flower shop Sherwood Florist as a receptionst

Nolee follows a sect of Buddhism, mostly for the belief in kharma and reincarnation. She believes that villains should be taught a lesson physically before being brought to prison or hurt bad enough that they never commit a crime again.

Nolee counts the number of villains she puts away, keeping a record of it. This started as a game with Oliver Queen when she was still Songbird.

Nolee is rational most of the time, having a few emotional breaks.

Nolee is afraid to get close to people in case she accidentally uses her power on them.

Values Violated:
Nolee is not as forgiving these days when heroes do not agree, usually becoming argumentative.

When Angry:
When angry, Nolee has a harder time controlling her powers.

Misc Views:
Nolee firmly believes that the Luthors want to do the right thing.

Minor Notes:
I play Nolee as a woman who firmly believes she has nothing left to lose. When writing her words of power, they will be bold, italicized, and red.

Fighting in silence so her voice is heard
Fighting villains or heroes with enhanced hearing
Her use of a bow and arrow when words fail

Fighting deaf heroes or villains who can't hear her words of power
Fighting non-English speaking heroes or villains who don't understand her words of power
Fighting overly handsome men
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Nolee McCallister
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