Eventually the time comes when those with powers have a choice to make: do what they feel is right or let power corrupt. Sometimes these choices, though made for the right reason, are what make heroes
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 Grant Ward

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Grant Ward

Grant Ward

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"Expose yourself to your deepest fear, after that, fear has no power."- Jim Morrison

Grant Ward

Gr-ant W-ar-d

Grant means great, Ward means marsh


Can cast astral projections of people's worst fears

Theme Song:
Freakshow- Skillet



170 lbs

Body Type:
Grant is thin but not to muscular as he does not get out to work out often.

Blood Type:

Grant's soulful brown eyes hide the pain and misery he has caused and is capable of.

Grant keeps his brown hair spiked up.

Caucasian Human

Grant was born in Canada but was moved to America when he was just a boy.

July 21st

Other Physical Traits:
Grant has his daughter's name tattooed on a banner on his right forearm.

Preferred Outfits

Casual Clothes:
Grant has a city boy style. He loves t-shirts, be they plain or if they have the logo of his favorite bands on them. Color is no issue to him, he's just as comfortable in a bright yellow shirt as he is in a black one. He prefers jeans to shorts or even slacks.


Grant wears a full poison green cowl with black holes at the eyes that runs into a black spandex suit. His gloves, boots, and belt are the same toxic green color.

Grant is a briefs man.

Family Background:
Grant's father Marcus was a thief who left his mother, Katarina, when he found out she was pregnant with Grant. The young man lost Katarina at age 5, the images Grant was able to cast driving his mother to suicide. Katarina's sister, Angela Hawkins III, took in the young boy after finding out what he could do. These days he's married to Paula Rusch, a brilliant pianist, and the two have a daughter named Alexi.

General History:
Grant was cursed from the moment he was concieved it seems. His father, Marcus Ward, was a thief who left Katarina Hawkins after impregnating her. When Grant reaced age five, Katarina was forced to acknowledge her son's terrifying gift: Grant could project astral projections of people's worst fear's. At first Katarina wrote her sister Angela, the villainess Phobos who also possessed this power, about her son's gift. After the gift proved to much for Katarina, she hung herself and left Grant to Angela.

Life as the ward of Angela Hawkins was not an easy one. Angela pushed Grant to use his powers for the force of evil. Grant blindly followed his aunt into a bank robbery, being the one to take the punishment and go to juvenile hall. He spent most of his time in a private cell so he couldn't use his powers on others. That gave Grant time to think and he believed that he had been doing the wrong thing.

One Grant was released from juvenile hall he worked fast food to provie for himself until he met Paula Rusch, a blind woman who his power did not work against. The two fell in loved and took what money they had to get married. Paula was a well paid pianist but after finding it hard for the both of them to be provided for, she looked for other forms of work. The two soon had a daughter, Alexi. Grant knew he had to find a way to provide for himself and the family. Falling back on villany, Grant picked up the name Phobos.

Grant is good at playing soccer and has a decent singing voice.

Grant is very intelligent but his skills as a villain make it hard for him to get involved in the world.

Though Grant is overall a good person, he does what he can to make money (or in some cases take money) from others.

General Personality
Positive Traits:
Devoted to his family
Concerned about the state of the world
Generous when it comes to children

Negative Traits:
Fierce when fighting
Hateful towards most people

Unless around his daughter, Grant is a very mature person.

Relationship Status:
Grant is happily married to the love of his life, pianist Paula Rusch.

Works at LuthorCorp as a secretary, professional villain

Grant doesn't believe in God, citing that no higher power would do to him what it had. He will commit any theft or crime as long as it does not involve children.

Grant stares just past a person when he has to rob them because he couldn't do it if he had to look at them.

Grant is a very rational young man.

Grant is shy, not wanting to make friends because his power is so sketchy and hard to control.

Values Violated:
He has no qualm about using his power on a villain or hero who hurts children.

When Angry:
If Grant is overly angry, he loses control of his power.

Misc Views:
Though he works at LuthorCorp, Grant does not agree with what Lex Luthor stands for.

Minor Notes:
Grant has two sides: a soft side who cares for everyone and his life as Phobos. If he let you in close to see one side, you will never see the other.

Those suceptible to visions
Those fearful of a lot of things
The fact that he's doing it all for his daughter and wife

Fighting the blind
Fighting those who are fearless
The fact the he feels bad for all he does
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Grant Ward
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