Eventually the time comes when those with powers have a choice to make: do what they feel is right or let power corrupt. Sometimes these choices, though made for the right reason, are what make heroes
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 Molpadia of Themyscira

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Molpadia of Themyscira Dollhouse-promo-pic
“Well-behaved women seldom make history.” - Laurel Thatcher Ulric



The name Molpadia means Death Song.


On top of the fact that she has great magical ability due to the help of Circe, Molpadia also has enhanced speed and strength because she was born an Amazon.

Theme Song:
"Who Run The World?"- Beyonce



190 lbs

Body Type:
Molpadia, like most Amazonian women, is tall and muscular though not manly.

Blood Type:
The Amazonian's do not keep track of such things.

Molpadia's eyes are dark brown, reflecting her strong nature. When she does magic, they turn purple.

Usually Molpadia keeps her brown hair down on her shoulders. When fighting against men, she dreads her long hair.

Caucasian Amazonian

Molpadia was born and raised on the island of Themyscira.

The Amazonian's do not have names for their days.

Other Physical Traits:
Molpadia has a nasty scar across her right eye where she was bested in battle by her father Ares and he showed her that men were cruel.

Preferred Outfits

Casual Clothes:
Molpadia enjoys the modern fashion of women from "Patriarch's World" to the fashion of her old world. Instead of wearing skirts or dresses, she likes jeans and leather pants. Her tops usually show skin but she does not allow it to objectify her. She prefers colors depending on her mood: bright yellows and oranges for happiness, blues and greens and purples for sadness, and reds for anger. There are two items that she is never seen without: her bracelets and a necklace that her mother gave her.

Molpadia goes by the name Circe when causing mischief for the men in "Patriarch's World" but her costume is definitly modern. She wears a pair of goggles over her eyes when preforming her magic. Her top is a black corset with red outlines on it and a pair of black tights with purple triangles up and down the sides. She wears gloves made of silver armor and high heel black leather boots.

She likes boyshorts.

Family Background:
Like most Amazon, Molpadia's father was not in her life. Unlike most Amazons, Molpadia's father was not in her life because he was the war god Ares. Molpadia's mother Tecmessa (which means she who judges) was once a warrior who fell in love with the war god. After Molpadia was born, Tecmessa took a slave of a man from the "Patriarch's World" (which is what the Amazons call any land outside of Themyscira) and had three other children: Kydomie (which means strong one), Bremusa (which means raging female) and Prothoe (which means first in might).

General History:
In the land of Themyscira live a race of women known as the Amazons. While each is technically a child of Ares, few are actually born to a woman and the war god. Tecmessa raised all of her children to love the world and all the beauty in it, having seen the horrors of war against the "Partriarch's World". Ares, on the other hand, had a different idea for young Molpadia. He taught the girl how to fight, scarring her eye to show her that all men, including himself, were cruel.

After that moment, the sorcress Circe saw the crying young woman and healed her. Circe became like a second mother figure to Molpadia and taught the young girl the ways of magic. Molpadia learned to master different tasks with magic and promised Circe that she would one day repay her for her kindness.

Molpadia took care of her three younger sisters, making sure that they were well cared for. After hearing more and more about the "Patriarch's World", she decided that she would travel there. Bremusa and Kydomie promised to stay on Themyscira to protect the place but Prothoe came with her, not wanting to let her sister leave without her.

Here on "Patriarch's World", Molpadia has learned to love the culture. The only thing that she hates is the men and does everything she can to get rid of them.

Other than her gift with magic, Molpadia can play a lute. She also uses swords and daggers very well.

Molpadia is not intelligent when it comes to "Patriarch's World" but in her own world she is considered brilliant.

Molpadia cares for women but she does not care for men.

General Personality
Positive Traits:
Hard working

Negative Traits:
Narrow minded when it comes to men

Molpadia, though she has only been on this world for 28 years, is much more mature because of growing up in Themyscira.

Relationship Status:
Molpadia is single and does not need a man to define her, though she does love women as well.

Women's Rights author

Molpadia, like all Amazonian's, worships the Greecian gods. She sees women as suprior to all men.

Mutters to herself whenever a man is talking
She calls all women from "Patriarch's World" little sister

Molpadia is rational unless her sisters are threatened.

Molpadia is bold and does not shy away from confrontation.

Values Violated:
She grows physically violent if her values are violated by a man. If violated by a woman, she becomes soft and tries to see their way.

When Angry:
If a man angers her, she grows violent. If a woman angers her, she agrees to disagree.

Misc Views:

Minor Notes:
She HATES men but she will tolerate them in front of other women.

Magical sites on Earth. Her power would be enhanced if she were doing magic at a place like Stonehenge.
Her strength with a sword and shield
Her readiness to fight

If she can't focus, she can't preform her magic.
Her hatred for men.
Her willingness to help women, even if she herself is in danger.
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Molpadia of Themyscira
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