Eventually the time comes when those with powers have a choice to make: do what they feel is right or let power corrupt. Sometimes these choices, though made for the right reason, are what make heroes
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 Nicholai Barishnakof

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Nicholai Barishnakof

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Nicholai Barishnakof Liev-schreiber-ray-donovan-season-1-showtime-thumb-315xauto-60655
"There is no faculty of the human soul so persistent and universal as that of hatred."- Henry Ward Beecher

Nicholai Barishnakof

Nick-oh-lie Bar-ish-nah-cough

Nicholai means people of victory
Barishnakof has no meaning

Red Bishop

While Nicholai has no powers, he does have an extensive range of combat prowess as well as being talented with many types of weaponry.

Theme Song:
"Bringing Down The Giant"- Saving Abel



210 lbs

Body Type:
Nicholai Barishnakof is a very muscular man who has trained his entire life and his training gives him his muscular tone.

Blood Type:

Nicholai has grey eyes that show his dark and hateful nature.

Nicholai keeps his black hair short and clean.



October 4th

Other Physical Traits:
When Nicholai is shirtless, you can see a plethora of scars. Other than that he has none on his face.

Preferred Outfits

Casual Clothes:
Nicholai wears suits 99% of the time. He likes the way that they fit him and the way he can move in them. It's a safe bet if he's wearing anything other than a suit that he's either going into the field to fight or he's coming out of it. As for colors, he prefers the dark ones instead of the brighter colors because of his personality.

He has no official costume.

Nicholai likes to go au natural.

Family Background:
Heather Lush was a housewife in Russia whose husband, Tell Barishnakof was a secret agent with the KGB. Though Heather raised her son to be kind and polite, Tell instilled in him the goals of most KGB agents and the young Nicholai became an agent.

General History:
As a child, Nicholai was raised by a mother who was slightly obsessed with the thought of her son turning out normal and a father who was obsessed with his son being the perfect KGB agent. Nicholai was lured in by the promise of wealth and women to become a KGB agent at a young age, training with his father. When he was nine, his mother was put into an insane asylum and Tell Barishnakof put his son in the proper training facilities to be a premium agent.

Though he was physically fit all of his life from his training, the real genius of Nicholai was the fact that he could adapt to anything. He quickly could change persona's depending on what the agency needed from him. Because of this, and the fact that he was a KGB agent, he did not have a life other than that of his professional life. He never met a young woman that he fell in love with, nor did he care about falling in love. He was decorated for the things that he did, loving his job.

Tragedy struck Nicholai when the agency started going with people to complete jobs that were super powered. He quit, running from Russia before they could track him down, and finding a life in America. Checkmate Red Queen Dia Waller found out about his skills and recruited him, knowing he had talented skills. Nicholai soon became the Red Bishop, planning missions for the Red Pawns.

Nicholai knows how to act as well as being talented with different instruments such as the violin and the piano.

Nicholai is very intelligent.

Nicholai cares for no one but himself.

General Personality
Positive Traits:

Negative Traits:

Nicholai is mature beyond his years.

Relationship Status:
He has never had a lasting relationship other than one night stands with others. He doesn't care if they are woman or man.

Checkmate's Red Bishop, Former KGB agent

Nicholai does believe in God and is very religious, reciting a prayer before every kill. He views humanity as being the superior race to meta humans or mutants. Murder is not wrong to him and he has done it for many years.

Prays before every kill
Cracks knuckles after a workout

Nicholai is a very rational man and often has a hard time proving his emotions.

Nichola is bold when it comes to work but deep down he feels a bit shy in social situations.

Values Violated:
When someone violates his religion, Nicholai argues deeply in Russian. He doesn't care if others go against his call for murder nor does he care if they don't like how he views meta humans and mutans.

When Angry:
When angry, Nicholai becomes physically violent.

Misc Views:
Nicholai is a fan of the ballet and most fine arts, though he would never let anyone know it.

Minor Notes:
As the role player, I want to stress that he does not like super humans AT ALL!!!

His athletic ability
His speed
His ability with guns

The fact that he is only human so super humans do over power him
His failing health as a human which makes him slower
His hatred
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Nicholai Barishnakof
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