Eventually the time comes when those with powers have a choice to make: do what they feel is right or let power corrupt. Sometimes these choices, though made for the right reason, are what make heroes
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 Dia Waller

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Dia Waller

Dia Waller

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Dia Waller Gabrielle_Union%25252C_Actress_thumb%25255B2%25255D
"It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority."- Benjamin Franklin

Dia Waller

D-ah Wall-er

Dia means beloved
Waller means a good humoured person

Red Queen

Dia has no powers but she is strong with hand to hand combat and can use a gun effeciently.

Theme Song:
Badass- Saliva



160 lbs

Body Type:
Dia is tall and thin, though one would not believe her to be as strong as she is.

Blood Type:

Dia has dark brown eyes that reflect how much she wants to help the world.

Dia's brownish blonde hair is usually kept down if she's out with friends but if she's working she always puts it up.

African- American

Dia was born and raised in Gotham City.

August 9th

Other Physical Traits:
Dia has a tattoo of a rose on her ankle but only close friends get to see it.

Preferred Outfits

Casual Clothes:
When not working, Dia loves t-shirts and jeans because they are comfy to relax in. When working, Dia wears fashionable suits or dresses; it all depends on the type of work she is doing. Her colors are usually bright and cheery.

No costume.

Lacey and feminin

Family Background:
Born to Amanda Waller, the founder of Checkmate, and her husband Joseph Waller, Dia was the youngest of five children: Joseph Jr, Damita, Martin, Jesse, and Coretta. Joseph, Joseph Jr, and Damita were killed while still living in the projects.

General History:
After the death of her husband Joseph, her son Joseph Jr, and her daughter Damita; Amanda Waller lost all faith in Gotham and in her children. As each graduated high school, she decided to tell them that they were on their own. This included Dia. Dia graduated high school and found a job working fast food which paid for a low rent apartment.

During college, Dia found that she had a skill for diplomacy much like her mother. After being an intelligence officer for the CIA, she was inducted into the society of Checkmate as a Pawn after proving her worth to Amanda Waller and showing her mother that she was as powerful as the older woman was. Amanda watched closely as Dia rose through the ranks, eventually making it as the Red Queen of Checkmate when Amanda retired.

Dia is a talented diplomat who can also draw a bit.

Dia is skilled in many different areas and her IQ shows that.

Dia is a very helpful person though she isn't very use to helping heroes yet.

General Personality
Positive Traits:

Negative Traits:

Dia is mature unless it comes to children, then she becomes as immature as they are.

Relationship Status:
Dia once had a relationship with partner and good friend Daniel Preston but helped Daniel to realize that he was gay. Nowadays she is single.

Red Queen of Checkmate
Former CIA officer

Philosophy/Values: Dia is a follower of the Zen sect of Buddhism and follows it very well. To Dia, human civilians are as important as meta humans and mutants. She would never murder anyone but has been known to torture to get her information.

Dia is constantly checking her email on her phone to make sure that she hasn't missed any important things.
She has a habit of running her tongue along her teeth when angry.

Dia tries not to act on emotions as a member of Checkmate but sometimes does.

Dia is not afraid to speak her mind to anyone.

Values Violated:
She understands that not everyone is going to like her religion but Dia does not tolerate unneeded murders: be they of mutants and metahumans or civilians.

When Angry:
Dia is often quick to dole out a punishment when angry at members of the organization but when angry at others, she doesn't pay them any attention and will go out of her way to ignore them.

Misc Views:
Dia rather enjoys jazz music.

Minor Notes:
Dia is strong willed and often doesn't trust those who are super powered.

Hand to hand combat
Her dedication to get a job done

Her hesitation when fighting
The fact that she is only human
Her inability to decipher when a meta human or mutant is too powerful
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Dia Waller
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