Eventually the time comes when those with powers have a choice to make: do what they feel is right or let power corrupt. Sometimes these choices, though made for the right reason, are what make heroes
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 Jordan and Zander Lennox

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Jordan and Zander Lennox Adam1
Jordan and Zander Lennox Jay4

"Take me down to the river bend Take me down to the fighting end Wash the poison from off my skin Show me how to be whole again"

Jordan Nero Lennox
Alexander "Zander" Howell Lennox

Jor·dan Len·nox
Zan·der Len·nox

Jordan means to flow down, Nero means wise warrior and Lennox means elm.
Alexander and Zander means defender of mankind, Howell means remarkable and Lennox means elm.

Jordan is Thunderbolt
Zander is Flytrap

Jordan has the power of Weather Manipulation, he can sense, create and control meteorological patterns, creating rain, wind, hail, lightning, snow, sleet, fog and temperature changes.
Zander has the power of Plant Manipulation, he can create, shape and manipulate plants.

Theme Song: Castle Of Glass - Linkin Park

Jordan is 22
Zander is 20

Jordan is 6 ft 5 in
Zander is 6 ft 1 in

Jordan is 241 lb
Zander is 212 lb

Body Type:
Jordan is lean, but well toned body. He has bit more muscle then Zander.
Zander is lean, but like his brother he is very toned. He is lighter then Jordan, but he still has some muscle.

Blood Type:
Jordan is A +
Zander is A +

Jordan has green eyes, but when he uses his powers they turn white.
Zander has grayish blue eyes, but when his uses his power they sometimes turn green.

Jordan has shoulder length blonde hair
Zander has short, slightly spiky blonde hair.

Race: Both Jordan and Zander are Caucasian Human

Nationality: Born in America, mother was born Canada.

Jordan was born October 30
Zander was born November 30

Other Physical Traits:
Jordan has tattoos on both of his arms, he has a scar near his neck from a battle
Zander has a single tattoo on his left arm, and he has a scar on his right arm.

Preferred Outfits

Casual Clothes:
Jordan likes to wear dark jeans and dark colored t-shirts, sometimes a black jacket. He wears a leather bracelet on his wrist sometimes, he wears running shoes most of the time. He likes the colors black, dark blue and dark red.
Zander likes to wear blue jeans and lighter colored t-shirts, sometimes button up shirts as well. He has a light green jacket, he wears running shoes. He likes the colors light and dark green, blue and gray.

Jordan wears black long sleeved shirt, a protective vest, black jeans and boots.
Zander wears a plain tight green t-shirt, a pair of green cargo pants, a brown utility belt, brown combat boots and fingerless gloves.

Jordan wears boxers.
Zander wears briefs.

Family Background: Born to Sebastian Shaw and his long time lover Catherine Lennox, the couple was over joyed at the births of both their sons. But just after Jordan's sixth birthday their lives were torn apart, Catherine discover that Shaw wasn't who he said he was and broke the relationship when she found out about his evil. Shaw was fine with this until he found she was going to take the boys to a new city, angry he ordered her to be killed. But by this time he couldn't find the boys, Catherine had already given the boys to her brother Matthew Lennox, she was killed only feet from her children.

General History: Jordan saw his mother die and from that point on he became very protective of his little brother, Matthew raised the boys the best he could. The boys never had a lot though they had a happy and loving relationship with their uncle, every couple of months they would have to a new state or town. When Zander turned ten though Matthew was killed in a robbery, leaving the boys by themselves. And for five years the boys did it a alone, but then their mutant powers hit. Doctor Steven Strange the Sorcerer Supreme found them a few days afterward. He took the boys in, at first Jordan refused to trust him thinking he'd turn out to be like their father or he will end up leaving them like their mother and uncle. Soon Jordan learned to trust and he and Zander soon came to care greatly for Steven and Wong, after a while they decided to use their gifts to help people.

Jordan can cook and thanks to Steven he knows a few spells.
Zander is good at first aid and thanks to Steven he knows a few spells as well.

Jordan is quite smart though he is currently still only in his first year of collage, he started high school very late.
Zander has always been smart though he has only just during the last few years finished high school thanks to starting late.

Jordan can be caring, but he normally focuses on his little brother.
Zander is very caring and helps anyone he can.

General Personality

Positive Traits:

He can be very caring and loving to his brother and the rare person that earn his trust and respect.
He wants to protect others that lose their mother like he and his brother did.
He is a good cook.
He is a caring and sweet person.
He wants to protect people.
He has a mind that loves learning new things.

Negative Traits:
He is far too over protective of his brother.
He doesn't know how to really trust.
He holds a deep hate for his father.
He can be careless when it comes to his own well being over others.
He can be naive and far too trusting.
He has a fear of losing his brother.

Jordan is very mature for his age, it comes from having to help take care of his little brother at a fairly young age.
Zander is mature, but he is very naive. This comes from him being kind and his brother protecting him from the worst of the world.

Relationship Status:
Jordan is currently single and he is bi.
Zander is single at the moment though he has a crush on Carter, he is gay.

Jordan works part time at a restaurant.
Zander work in a flower shop, Zander wishes to open up his own flower shop.

Philosophy/Values: Jordan and Zander do not follow any religion, they do have a deep understanding of right and wrong and would never murder a villain.

Jordan will often glare at strangers, he scratches the back of his neck when nervous.
Zander will bite his lip when nervous or upset, he also will hide behind his brother when scared.

Jordan is rational except when it comes to his brother, he is very emotional when it comes to Zander.
Zander is emotional though he can be rational when needed.

Jordan is bolder then his brother then Zander, though he doesn't let people in easily.
Zander is shy, but he will let people in before Jordan.

Values Violated:
Jordan with get very angry, especially when it involves his brother.
Zander will get quiet, getting either upset or angry.

When Angry:
Jordan will glare if only a little angry, but if he is very angry he may throw a punch.
Zander will glare or rant.

Misc Views:
Jordan has a love for guitars, cooking and movies
Zander has a love for taking care of stray cats, taking care of his plants and watching movies with his brother.

Minor Notes:
Jordan - Mess with Zander is the worst thing you can do, Jordan will make you life hell if you hurt his brother.
Zander - Zander won't admit it, but he has a deep fear of his father.

He loves helping people
He cares greatly for his brother and people he trusts.
He works hard.
He is caring and sweet.
He is hard working
He is quite curious and wants to learn new things.

He doesn't know how to really trust.
He holds a deep hate for his father.
He is far too over protective of his brother.
He can be naive.
He loses control of his powers when he's upset.
He will put himself in danger if he thinks he can help someone.
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Jordan and Zander Lennox
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