Eventually the time comes when those with powers have a choice to make: do what they feel is right or let power corrupt. Sometimes these choices, though made for the right reason, are what make heroes
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 Margaret Sorrow

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Margaret Sorrow

Margaret Sorrow

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Margaret Sorrow Tumblr_m385bryG9P1qffe5vo1_500
"A thief believes everybody steals."- E.W. Howe

She was born Margaret Sorrow but since the experiment at Blackgate Prison she's gone by Cassie Warner

Marg-ah-ret Sor-row
Cass-ee Warn-er

Margaret means pearl and Sorrow means joy
Cassie means unheeded prophetess and Warner means defender


Magpie has peak human agility, peak human speed, peak human accuracy, peak human flexibility, superhuman durability, immunity to pain, and retractable claws.

Theme Song:
"Ain't No Rest For The Wicked"- Cage The Elephant



130 lbs

Body Type:
Cassie is thin and highly athletic though she prefers intellectual persuits to athletics.

Blood Type:

Cassie's eyes are blue and as Casey they look full of childlike wonder. Magpie's eyes are silver, shifting to them when he changes, and reflect her generally cold personality.

Cassie's hair is black and cut short. Magpie's hair is white and cut into a bob, though it is just a wig.


American, born and raised in Gotham City

Margaret Sorrow was born on November 28th but Cassie believes that she was born on April 28th

Other Physical Traits:
Cassie has a few visible tattoos but because she got them when she was Margaret Sorrow, she doesn't remember why she got them. One is a sugar skull on her left shoulder.

Preferred Outfits

Casual Clothes:
Margaret preferred leather and lace, always having been a bit of a goth. When the experiment at Blackgate Prison happened, Margaret lost all sense of self and became Cassie Warner. Cassie is a lot more colorful in her manner of dress. When she's working, she likes to wear business skirts and cute tops. When not working, Cassie like blue jeans and graphic tee's with things like cartoons and bands on them. The one thing she does have linking her back to her old life as Margaret Sorrow is a leather jacket.

Magpie wears a black corset that fits snug and stops right above her midsection and small black leather bottoms that look more like panties. Around her neck is a black leather collar that looks like feathers. She wears black leather sleeves that reach just above her elbows. Her stiletto boots are just above her knees.

Cassie prefers lacy underthings.

Family Background:
While Cassie has no memory of having a family and believes she has always been an orphan, that is not the truth. Margaret Sorrow was born to a wealthy family in Gotham City. Her mother was Cameron Mallory, a socialite born to one of the shipping tycoons in Gotham City. Her father was Solomon Sorrow, a District Attorney who worked hand in hand with Black Mask and his other criminals.

General History:
Born to Gotham socialite Cameron Mallory and District Attorney Solomon Sorrow, Margaret Sorrow realized as a young girl that she was different than the other girls. She didn't like to play with dolls, instead preferring to learn to play instruments or read a book. As she grew up, she tried to do anything that would capture her mother and father's affection. After realizing she would never be able to make her mother or father proud, Margaret started thieving as her kleptomaniac tendencies developed. It was through thieving that she stole from the Iceberg Club which was owned by Chester Cobblepott, not knowing that he was The Penguin. Instead of being upset, he was amused and took her into his bird based crew as the childish yet sinister Magpie. Penguin became a father figure to her and she finally felt appreciated.

During a heist with Penguin's crew, Magpie was arrested and taken to Blackgate Prison. After a year, she decided that perhaps she wanted to reform from her villainous ways. This attracted the attention of Dr. Bethanie Ravencroft and Dr. Joe Braxton who inducted Margaret into their experimental program that erased the personality of Margaret Sorrow and she became the innocent Cassie Warner. What the doctors did not know was that erasing Margaret Sorrow's personality split Cassie Warner's mind into two seperate parts that would never have any recollection of each other. Cassie was one of these personalities while the other was the villainous Magpie who would remember Ravencroft taking away her memories but not that she, as Margaret Sorrow, gave the permission.

As a girl alone in the city of Gotham, Cassie found work where she could. This meant she began work as the secretary of Dr. Ravencroft, perhaps drilled by deeper desires. By day she is mild mannered and sweet but at night she becomes Magpie, looking for anything that could help reinstate her memories of Margaret Sorrow.

Cassie is good at slight of hand as well as being a talented guitar player.

Cassie has an average intelligence.
Magpie has a slightly below average intelligence.

Though Cassie is a good person, she sometimes has trouble helping others.
Magpie is bent on the destruction of the doctors who wiped her memory clean.

General Personality
Positive Traits:

Negative Traits:
Doesn't know about Magpie
Easily distracted
When she's Cassie, she's a pushover.

Though Cassie has a childlike sense of wonder, she is generally mature. Magpie is childish and loves all things that glitter.

Relationship Status:
Cassie is single and looking but as a villain Magpie is single and happy. Both are straight.

Cassie is a secretary for Dr. Bethanie Ravencroft.
Magpie is a thief.

Cassie is a devout Christian and believes in both God and Heaven. She believes the good work that humans do make them better people overall. Magpie believes that no one is on her side. She values shiny things and all things that glitter.

She gets excited and happy whenever she sees anything shiny, often clapping her hands and jumping up and down.
She has a lot of migraines from switching personalities.

Cassie is a rational person who uses her head before making her decision.
Magpie is emotional and acts without thinking about it.

Cassie is a shy person who mostly stays out of people's ways
Magpie is bold and full of aggression.

Values Violated:
Cassie is easy to get along with and when her values are violated, she doesn't put up much of an argument.
When Magpie's values are violated, she becomes violent.

When Angry:
Cassie talks through her anger issues.
Magpie becomes violent when angry.

Misc Views:
Cassie loves to do things by herself but sometimes she feels as if she needs the help of others.
Magpie hates upper class citizens, especially her family.

Minor Notes:
Remember, Cassie doesn't know about Magpie nor does Magpie know about Cassie.

Her immunity to pain
Her fighting ability
Her swiftness

The fact she could change into Cassie (or Magpie) at any moment
Her attraction to shiny things
Her determination to get her memories back
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Margaret Sorrow
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