Eventually the time comes when those with powers have a choice to make: do what they feel is right or let power corrupt. Sometimes these choices, though made for the right reason, are what make heroes
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 Reporter Application Templet

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Reporter Application Templet Empty
PostSubject: Reporter Application Templet   Reporter Application Templet EmptyTue Aug 06, 2013 2:00 am

RP Name: (What do we call you when not rping)

-le image of character goes here-
Person used as character face:

Character Name:

Newspaper They Work For:

Supporter of heroes? If so, have you ever been saved by one? If not, why do you hate them:

Character Bio: (4-5 short lines about your character and the sort of articles they write. Even though these will not be portrayed in threads, at least if you don't choose to, they need to be fleshed out characters)

Keep in mind, this is different from the other civilian application because most of these characters will not be used to do anything but write articles.
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Reporter Application Templet
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