Eventually the time comes when those with powers have a choice to make: do what they feel is right or let power corrupt. Sometimes these choices, though made for the right reason, are what make heroes
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 The Escape

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Carter Kent

Carter Kent

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Cadmus Labs: the one LuthorCorp owned company that non one was quite sure what they did. Some believed Cadmus to be a research facility for crops and other things. Even more believed they tested military equipment. Yet there were whispered rumors of the experiments that occured with Kryptonite and other space age materials. These rumors were, in fact, truth. Lex Luthor himself funded Cadmus to do experiments that were fueled by Lex's hatred for Superman.

Perhaps none of the experiments were more important than the clone project. With a bit of his own DNA and a bit of Superman's DNA, Lex Luthor had the scientists at Cadmus create clones of his most hated rival. Few of the clones showed promise, even less making it past the intial incubation period. One, however, showed a lot of promise. Branded as experiment #5996, the youngest clone not only exhibited the same powers as the Man of Steel but aged fast. In the matter of two months he grew to look as if he was 16.

And like most teenagers, the clone grew self aware. He began feeling his own emotions, thinking his own thoughts. These thoughts led him to want his freedom. He used his strength to get free of his restraints, the simple chains breaking with little effort. The scientists attempted to use green Kryptonite to weaken him but it had the opposite effect, making him stronger. The experiment fled, using his super speed, not stopping until he found a small barn in the middle of nowhere, hoping for it to be deserted. For the first time in the short two months he had been created, the clone felt free.

He was alerted the next morning to the sounds of two men talking. He curled up tight and pressed against the barn wall. The younger of the two men spotted him and crossed over slowly, "Young man, are you alright?"

The young clone was afraid at first, backing away. "D...don't touch me..."

"We're not going to hurt you boy," the man with the glasses spoke, smiling kindly. "My names Clark and this is my father Johnathan. What are you doing here?"

"Please don't make me go back to the lab! Those guys were mean!" the clone blurted out as if hew as a typical teenager. He stood, his height making him already as tall as Johnathan.

"Now calm down young man," Johnathan calmed, seeing how scared and nervous he was. "How about we get inside for some breakfast first?"

The two older men, showing kindness to the young clone, were able to get him inside, "What's his name?" Martha, Johnathan's wife, asked as she served the pancakes for breakfast.

"I don't have a name," the young clone frowned as he looked over the food. He was embarrassed, never having eaten at a table before. He watched the others for a few second before echoing their movements to eat. "The only thing I was called at the labs is #5996.

"Labs?" Clark asked, buttering a piece of toast.

"Yes sir, Cadmus Labs. I was created," the clone replied, "They used Superman's DNA."

There was a collective silence among the Kents before Martha finally spoke up, "Well he needs a proper name. Clark, what do you think his name should be?"

Clark, however was ashamed he hadn't seen the resemblance sooner. It was minute, but it was there. "What about Carter?"

The clone beamed, "I like that name, Carter."

The rest of breakfast was eaten in silence and afterwards, Clark and the newely Christened Clark went for a walk. "So tell me, Carter, you said you were the clone of Superman? Can you do the things he can?"

"Yes sir," Carter replied shyly. The plaid shirt that Johnathan had given him was a bit too big, as were the jeans, but it was the first clothes other than his white jumpsuit he had worn. "I've got his speed and strength controlled but...but sometimes I can't control the others..."

"Would you like to?" Clark asked, glancing at Carter from the corner of his eyes.

"More than anything! What good are these powers if I can't use 'em right?" Carter shuffled his feet.

"Would you use them for evil or good?" Clark again questioned.

"Good of course," Carter beamed, staring off at the barn in the distance. With a frown he asked his own question, "You ain't gonna send me back to Cadmus...right?"

"No, I could never do such a thing. It's against my code: truth, justice, and the American Way." Clark clapped a hand to his new friends shoulder, hoping the young man could put two and two together.

Carter waited for a moment before realizing that this man in front of him, Clark Kent, was in fact: Superman. His eyes were wide and he grinned, "You're him...aren't you?"

"In the flesh," Clark smiled, "though I'm sure that you noticed the resemblance as well."

Carter nodded with a grin, "So...um...what now?"

"I could train you if you want," smiled Clark, "You've said you have super powers and that you want to do good. I can help you do good." He extended his hand to Carter, "Live here, help my folks, and I'll train you."

"Deal!" Carter grinned, shaking his hand, "Wanna race back to the barn?"

"Why not?" Clark laughed as the two sped off with their super speed.

From that moment on, Clark trained Carter to be the Superboy to his Superman.
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The Escape
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