Eventually the time comes when those with powers have a choice to make: do what they feel is right or let power corrupt. Sometimes these choices, though made for the right reason, are what make heroes
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 The Great Escape

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Metal. There was so much metal, so many objects in the room that could be affected by magnetism. That was what he first noticed as he woke up, his powers taking in his surroundings before he'd even opened his eyes.
These people obviously had no idea who he was.
That was a good thing though, he'd be in trouble if they knew because then Trask-

"No!" Quickly sitting up, Erik meant to get up, but found someone had thought it necessary to strap him to the bed he was on. He made an irritated sound, testing the strength of the restraints with a jerk of his arm, mind racing as he tried to recall how he'd ended up in a hospital of all places.

They'd been trying to stop Trask, to stop Mystique...Raven... She'd shot him, but had been clever enough to avoid causing serious damage. So how'd he end up here?
Then he remembered. He'd left the others, gone off on his own after all they'd just been through and then something had hit him.
Erik had no idea what it was, but it had felt like being hit by some sort of invisible force and had remained conscious long enough to find himself in what had seemed to be the same place, only he was on the ground surrounded by strangers and everything had looked the same yet also very different, more advanced...

And now he was here, restrained to a bed. He figured that had something to do with how he'd scared the people that had crowded around him, as he went on about how the world he was in wasn't his own.

"They think I'm crazy..." He muttered. They probably thought he was on something.

He didn't care about that though, he had to get out and find out what had happened, whether or not he'd imagined the change in scenery or if he really was somewhere else. Before someone realised who he was.
All the monitors in the room malfunctioned, caused by magnetic interference as Erik focused his powers, metal objects rattling as he worked on getting himself free. He bent the metal railing of the bed, pulling it apart to free the leather restraints. He could get those off his wrists later, once he was out of the hospital; what mattered was he could leave now that his wrists were no longer attached to the bed.

Sliding off the bed, Erik peered through the glass on the room's door before stepping out into the hallway, quickly looking around before following any signs he saw that pointed the way out. He walked down the hallway, breaking into a run when someone recognised him as a patient and called security.

Before they could do anything though, Erik was outside and had stuck the automatic doors shut, trapping his pursuers inside. For now at least.
He sighed and shook his head, heading off down the street, not caring where he went as long as it was away from the hospital. Turning down a smaller street, Erik stopped and leaned against a wall, pulling at one of the leather straps still attached to his wrists, trying to get them off.

"Great. Just great..." He muttered, wondering how long it'd take for someone to point him out on the street. He figured the pants and shirt the hospital had put him in were a pretty obvious sign that outside wasn't where he should be.

He had to figure out what had happened though...

He heard sirens. They'd already called in police to bring him back. They'd obviously assumed he was dangerous. There was no way he could outrun their cars and trying to use his powers to fly would be risky, he still didn't have enough control for that yet. To Erik, there was only really one option left.
The straps could wait, removing them would be pointless if they took him back to the hospital anyway. As the cars came towards him, from either side of the street, Erik stepped away from the wall, putting his hands up.
It may have seemed like an innocent gesture, but in response to his movement, the cars left the ground and with another simple gesture, the police vehicles found themselves in a mid air collision before returning to the ground as Erik turned and started running down the street.
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The Great Escape
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